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Contrary to my previous plans I had to spend the weekend at the university, looking after my experiment which wasn't going exactly how I've expected it to go... So much for enjoying the nice weather~

All things considered the days are so frenetic lately, I'm slightly afraid, I bite off a bit more than I can chew...
Bun then again, it's spring, I'm young and the whole world is at my feet, so why the hell not?

For example I have a weak spot for all kind of weapons, but after a year full of kendo, I wanted to try out something completely different... So, at Thursday I was at an air rifle shooting - the every first time I hold a gun in my hand, not a shotgun though.
And it was an amazing feeling, staying there, holding still, full concentration and for a few seconds the world stays still ... and then - a fast sound and a tiny hole in the target. After the first attempts I hit the bull's eye quite frequently <3

... Despite my poor eyesight.
But, well, you don't have to boast 0.0 dioptres to take an accurate aim. The decisive factor is the ability to stand still. (After the first 15 shoots I had to make a pause though - to focus on a mean small point in a 10 meters distance isn't that healthy for weak eyes either.)
I'll see if my enthusiasm will hold for a few more days and if I'm as capable with small calibre guns as I'm with rifles than maybe I'll join the shooting association~ (this one: Schützenverein)

Even though, the members are all looking quite cliché-like so far. You know, so .. typical old school German. Old geezers with beer bellies, doing nothing but talking about how much better it was in the past.....
The only other Newbie was a girl of my age <3 (the new generation comes!) She studies medicine and on Wednesdays, when I have my Taekwando lessons, she's doing Boxing! I've seen her trough the glass doors of the next room in our martial arts centre~  It was quite a remarkable coincidence, meeting her there. So, afterwards we had to clink our coffee glasses at the strange twist of fate. And, gosh, we have talked till the very late hour, which is absolutely unusual for me...  I'm still a bit suspicious of fate. A few years ago I had complained, all the awesome people I know are living awful far away from me and now - there are people here, at my place, just a stone's throw away, whom I can talk to. About each and every topic I want; from SciFi and chemistry and theatre and politics to Sherlock BBC or Weiß Kreuz, or yaoi & yuri and travelling plans and crazy novel plots.
Life is quite awesome right now.
(which doesn't mean, I don't miss my far-away friends as well ._." But I've already planed to visit my dearest ones this year! ò.ó. So, Prague & Berlin are definitely included. And we'll see, if I can afford a non-European journey someday <3)

And a small university related note as well:
The computer applications lectures by my prof (my because it's his study group where I'm working at my thesis) are a bit complicated for I'm not really a computer freak, but at least the prof seems to be quite a funny fellow. Lucky me, he only looks like Dr. House (without a crutch) but his character is much nicer (and a bit awkward. Tight black jeans presents just a perfect contrast for the nasty habit of wiping the chalk from his hands on his pants. It always looks like somebody had grabbed his ass....) But I've learned a lot about python, C++, Linux & Co., so if after this evening I suddenly disappear from the Internet, it means, the experiment of changing my Windows to Linux went wrong and I occidentally killed my notebook....

Oh, and a few more photos, since you had to listen to me talking for a while now.. just lay back and click on the cut to enjoy the non-verbal photo-communication about Science Slam and the current girlish spring fashion presented by the silly Me <3

(c) ThOP


Magic turn from my beloved black-white look to the colourful colours <3

Please, excuse the poor blur quality but I have absolutely forgotten how to handle my old cam x__x"

Close-up for my dear friend kuku to prove that I have flower prints as well <3~

Also, I always wanted to wear those big bug sunglasses as my Mum :D


The trick is - I wear them above my real ones. I know, I know, it looks ridiculous. But I like it and that's the main point <3

(Yeah, I'm a big fan of blue-violet... but I also adore red <3)

It's a dumb end to a serious entry, I'm perfectly aware of that... but I don't fell any shame, time to act serious and adult and thoughtful are cold and dark winter days not spring full of fresh wind, soft sunshine and wanderlust <3

Let me act childish, I'm already terrified of how difficult the next two month' will be - I'm excited and anxious at the same time. How am I suppose to learn properly when I'm so high?~

P.S.: I shall post a few Lisbon photos within the next weeks... because one good friend pointed out to me, that when it comes to the memories of good times, even bad photos are better then none <3

Date: 2011-05-02 09:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kurukii.livejournal.com
Florals~ but if I had to pick something I like best about the outfits, it would be the open shirts and scarfs.

And, girl
Is your hair getting even shorter? (つд・`)

If I ever move closer, I will join that Schützenverein, too. It's like Japanology classes: I really want to learn more about it, but the other people suck *haha*
(just in case a japanology student reads this... ...no I'm not sorry)
I think if I knew someone there I'd do it.

I've tried it at a fun fair (so I have hold a gun before) and I hit quite well, too :3 but I don't think that's compareable ^_^;

And take care with Linux. There are many plus points, but it sucks big time to install even the smallest things. If you don't know exactly what you're doing, the possibilty you're crashing your system seems to be quite high.
Occidentally (is it the new word for western fail?)

I gave up eventually... Linux doesn't support my music/composing programs anyway.

Date: 2011-05-21 05:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lokuro.livejournal.com
Shirts & scarfs = ♥

.. ehm. Yeah ^^" Those photos were made a few weeks after I was at the hairdresser's, so you can sure deduce the original length~
But since I didn't had any free time, my hair took the opportunity and grew a bit longer again. Which reminds me of cutting it shorter soon...

If you come to Göttingen (for studying?), I'll highly appreciate to introduce you to the old guys there :3 Together it's not that weird anymore.
And we could make it a bit of a competition :3
(there is only one japanology student I know about how's reading this~ but she won't be offended, I guess ^^v)

How comes you spend so much time on installing things? Were you using the "Package Management System"?
But, yeah, it's possible to remove your whole system with just one single command [and I do know what it is *g*]
But Linux has such an insane sense of humor, it's really fun working with. And you have far more possibilities as in Windows~ (I may develop that god complex after all~)
Maybe the new Ubuntu 11.04 will suit you better?
Let me know, if you'll give it a chance someday :3
Edited Date: 2011-05-21 05:57 pm (UTC)

Date: 2011-05-21 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kurukii.livejournal.com
How dare you...!
I really don't get it how people can cut their hair that short ;^; be it girls or boys. If it doesn't go into a hair straightener at any part, or if it's nowhere near the eyebrows, then it's too short. Sorry. Me and my aesthetics.

I've had Ubuntu, I won't ever install it again.
My reasons against it start with guitar pro and kanji trainer and end with WoW.
And that I did manage to crash my system by uninstalling a regular program doesn't really help convincing me of the linux power either. It's something for mad scientists and geeks only, choose which side I should count you in ^_~

Date: 2011-05-22 10:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lokuro.livejournal.com
Well, ca. 20 years long I had pretty long hair, beautiful and romantic and ... and so damn time-robbing >_<" Sure, it looks good, I won't deny that much. But a shot hairstyle gives you just that awesome feeling of freedom. Really beyond compare.

Also, I think it looks good too :3 I'm vain, yeah. So, it's practical and nice, and speaking of mad scientists - early in the morning it's just as off-standing as you will expect it from some evil cartoon doctors ò_ó
(Than again - on you long hair really looks better, that's I can officially confirm :3)

Linux is mean, true. And every folder is cross-linked to that one above (there too hidden folder in every file [.] and [..]), so there really is a danger of removing the whole system.
But on the other hand, it's more safer than Windows: You don't actually need an anti-virus program or have to be afraid, the system is spying on you behind your back (I'm not paranoid. Really...)
Aren't those both kind of synonyms? >D

Date: 2011-05-22 10:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kurukii.livejournal.com
How about those asian boy styles? Or Crawford-like hair as you had last summer? Short and fashionable... because to be all honest, that'd suit you better.

I wonder what you would say if I cut my hair all off for some freedom >D I'd shave the sides and wear a mowhawk in red or green. I've been wanting to do so for a long time...
Sadly my fashion sense always wins, I don't want to look like an idiot in dresses.

Date: 2011-05-22 10:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lokuro.livejournal.com
Doesn't Asian boys mostly look like pretty girls instead? >D But I guess, their make-up is to blame~ (and that's something I still have to learn...)
Well, right now it looks a bit Crawfordish again :3 I'm not coping him like some crazy fan-girl (not by any means - 'cause that's would be too crazy even for someone like me) but I do think his style suits me quite well~
so.. I'll consider it when I'll have my next appointment with the hairdresser. Which won't be that soon anyway. (Free time is too rare now to waste it on hair cutting ._.)

..... ähm.
You are a more girly girl that I am? :3
Which is fine. More than fine actually.
I guess, I wouldn't mind seeing a few photos of that style on you but life and in a pretty dress... Well, I see your point x_x"


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