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Cut for fancy thesis work and my typical university-talk about research, Profs and magic spells <3

Aren't my bachelor thesis results pretty? <3
Tell me what you are seeing in those cheerful blur of colors and I'll tell you how exactly you loved your Mum  those are just amoebas, primitive and complex at the same time, but never so happy-looking in real live. In fact, they are a bit dull, something between white and gray, almost colorless... and anyway - you can't see them without a magnifying glass.

In my bachelor-thesis-folder I have some black & white photos as as well, looking like real therapeutic test-pictures. I also have a video with about 6000 frames, each one in a different color schema. So, let me know, if you want to skimp on psychedelic drugs - you can have my handmade amoeba videos instead <3
(And graphs. Lots of graphs with impedance and oscillation - which is the main point of my thesis...)

Actually, right now my job is a lot less funny then one would expect looking at the pictures - I'm working on the algorithms behind the picture transformations. All the colors are just labels for different clusters, pixels with information I have to extract through smart manipulations, using matrices and gradients and ... yes, it's math.
(For example: You need to use a gradient to detect the edge of an amoeba (or some other object) for any edge is only a very sharp change in color from dark to light. A Blur-effect you'll get when convolute a matrix to you image. Blur can actually be useful in science - for example for a subsequent threshold. But remember: threshold will transform your file into a binary array!)

I'm pretty much in love with my bachelor thesis but despite all the beauty, math is a jealous, cruel bitch, so, please, excuse my absence for a few more weeks. The whole project will be over then (one way or anther ò.ó").

Also (as if I had too much free time on my hands, ha!) the Prof B. registered me into a programming-lectures for two weeks. And I suck at coding. I'm just a mere chemist, remember? I don't know much about C++ or Laguerre-functions or... damn, I'm feeling a bit dump sitting there and starring at the source-codes like some magic spells. Maybe I shall start to pray to make them work? No, really, it's amazing, when it works. But meanwhile you have to look through lots of sources for missing points, misplaced spaces or logic failures.

Anyway, it can be fun. For example, the lunch time.
But to be honest... It's hard to be the only girl there and still keep your good table-manners. Arguing about politics, homicidal maniacs and history at lunch... my Mum already mentioned I always sound a bit aggressive, when I call her after a day full of programming~  Interesting. I guess, there really are some serious differences between female & male discussing tactic.
(Also, I hate to loose a fight.)

Still, I'll be relieved, when the lecture is over and I finally, finally can start to actually write the damn thesis down. I'm a bit anxious, you know. There isn't much time till the deadline.
(In fact, I'm quite horrified. But it's alright. Really.)

My research-group is still awesome - they play Mafia (yeah, that party game), cook delicious rice-dishes to say goodbye to our guests from Canada and book a ride to Hanover just to see "Cats" (the Musical)! And they really love their jobs ...  they are freaks <3

Speaking about freaks.
Can't wait to see the next Sherlock BBC series!
It will be hard to take the both guys serious after they announced Sherlock as Smaug, the Dragon, and John as Hobbit.. but I'll try my best not to giggle out lout. After-all, it's a crime-scene<3

(Crime-scenes can be quite obscure in real life... Once in a few years we get those book-voucher for our university-stuff and it's never enough, the books are so bloody expensive I depend on our library for my survival.  But anyway - this year I got myself one great Physical Chemistry textbook (Atkins) and for a few coins change a forensic-investigations-history book as well ♥ So far, I'm quite happy with the decision!)  

To continue with crimes and bullets and so on - I absolutely love shooting <3 It's relaxing and helps to concentrate your mind and take control of the body. It also improves your ego each time you hit the target :D (and I'm pretty good at that) Don't worry I'm speaking of paper targets - my hobby stays clean. The only damage I'm doing is to myself: sore muscles from the heavy rifle.
(And last time there was this old woman (Miss Marple? o.O") with a fancy necklet and a bright summer-dress, all sweet and nice, smiling, telling us some funny stories from the time she was still working ... and then taking her gun out of the handbag and shooting the target down. That was really some creepy old Lady. Respect!)

Well, I guess, the break is over - back to work.

Wish me inspiration for the BA-thesis, dear world :3


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