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Always makes me a bit melancholic and peevish. Such a beautiful time of the year, but, gosh, why is the weather so rough lately? Try riding a bike while it's raining and storming and you'll see what I mean -.-"

No, I'm not complaining, because this weekend the weather promised to play nice - while I'm visiting:
All-you-can-see tour with my sugar cube <3 (you nickname sounds really weird in English, dearD)

Before I leave - some autumn-style & dumb Jim-Mafioso illusions, inspired by BBC Sherlock.

(I know, those colours are a bit... did I mention autumn-style? I fail to describe it otherwise without sounding too silly ^^" At least I only wear it at home~)

So, that was the normal Me. And then I tried some Moriarty-style on (BBC Version, played by Andrew Scott). Just for the lulz, you know? Well, his designer stubble doesn't suit me. And, yes, it's no surprise at all XD

Damn, when I'm playing him, he really does look gay XD (and a bit more like [livejournal.com profile] sadyna's Chibi-Moriarty (click) in his Westwood Unfortunately, my suit is a bit cheaper. Neither I have a matching tie, my looks a bit more... Halloween-like? But it has sculls too!)
Actually, I'd love to cosplay Mycroft, but no make-up in the world is gonna make me look like Mark Gatiss. I guess, it's a good thing. I can still role-play him.

P.S.: Speaking of which: There are no ex-players. Just as there are no real ex-alcoholics. Once a junkie, always a junkie.

P.P.S.: Also, I actually manged to visit my shooting club in the evening - all the grannies and granpas there are just lovely, talking about cakes, Kartoffelsalat (potato salad?) and grandkids~
(I'm getting better at the gun! The knack is to concentrate on the iron sights {Kimme & Korn} not on the aim. Oh, yeah, and holding still ...)

P.P.P.S.: I'm really ashamed by my (non-existent) participation this year but still - Team Phoenix, I'm proud of you!

Banner sponsored by talented [info]der_jemand! *_*

... And the last P.S.'s for today: (Klausuraufsicht =) Proctoring an exam is the most tedious activity you can imagine. Even correcting the test later is more fun~

Good Night & Berlin ahoy <3


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