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Sorry for the long absence - The university is eating up all my free time and the constant fever about 37.6 °C (~ 99.7 F) keeps me away from the Internet at rare leisure times. (savouring audio books or sleeping seems more appealing at those evenings.)

My routine now consists of dealing with triphosgene (it's almost the same as phosgene, yeah, that one from WWI but solid at ambient temperature)  or benzene (causes cancer and a bunch of other similar pleasant diseases to almost any part of the body and mind) or chloroform (which not only makes you dizzy and tired but can also be metabolized to phosgene -you again!- or cause an cardiac arrest).

Did I already mentioned I hate lab-work?
(I know, I did. Sorry for the battology?)

One more month to go (January 2012 will be awful, I'm afraid) and then I'll hopefully be relieved, so I can start proper learning. You know, I really miss the simple desktop-work with books. Reading, calculating, integrating - it all seems so dear to me in comparison to cooking those unfriendly compounds.
But hey, who cares for the future exams when it's more important to survive the next lab day? Possible without blowing it all up. Accidentally.

The only good side about that dreadful situation is: The whole Christmas and New Year's Eve Thing they start every year passes me by without even saying "Hi". No Christmas mood is coming up, no complains about why there are already decorations all over the city in October, no stress or whatsoever.

Well, maybe it'll change, when it starts snowing. If it starts snowing. Or at least when I'm visiting my family next week.
Just a few more days to go.
And now - Go!


To make up for the first part of this entry containing masses and masses of moaning...

There are, in fact, some more bright sides: I'm the only girl in our group of 8 students which makes me feel a bit like a Snowwhite with her dawrves. Well, not so much of the dawrf-size, for some of them are about 1,8 meters high (about 6 feet) but well... Those are nice guys (though, it took me a bit to get used to them), but I could definitely imagine worser company to work with. And it's really important when working all day side by side while surrounded by toxic chemicals. Otherwise it could be quite tempting to use it ... in an inappropriate way.

Also, something different (as an excuse for talking shop all the time) - due to my large-scaled audio books consume I've finally listened to the Cabin Pressure BBC Radio program (by John Finnemore) and had instantly fallen in love with it.
All of the cast are marvelous: the uncertain, desperate and awkward Capitan; the dashing, silver-tongued First Officer; the old Granny really ruthless Owner of the airdot ( "It's not an airline for you can't put one airplane into a line. If anything MJN Air is an airdot.") and the always cheery steward. 

Beware of some more and quite heavy fangirly squees as soon as I'll manage some free time to share the joy >D

"... Declaring itself the rabbit of negative euphoria."
"Not a happy bunny..."


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