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Generally speaking, a frustrated spin glass is a disordered magnet system with conflicting interactions between the spins. Diverse forces prevent the spin glass from reaching the energetic minimum (which is the longed-for destination of all systems) - thus, making the system frustrated.

Applying the phenomena to one certain [personal profile] lokuro-particle, one might observe a disturbing amount on fidgetiness. The inability to relax and therefor to function properly. When I'm at work, I keep on thinking about Tintin, comparing the Captain to Bertie Wooster and dream up some weird fanfiction plots.
When at home I'm unable to shoot the university stuff down (and thus, making my fandom-related posts absolutely unreadable).

The upcoming presentation I have to prepare for the next Friday isn't that comforting either. I still don't fully grasp the subject, which makes it a bit difficult to speak about it (in English!) for full 40 minutes. Plus, 20 minutes discussion afterwards.
"Most disturbing, Sir."

So, I'm trying to bring peace to my inner tumour by the good old methods... no, the 81% chocolate with chili isn't working anymore: it's the air-gun shooting :)

It's been years since I've been to my club (well, to be precise: half a year) and the established clientèle certainly isn't getting any younger (with an average member being about twice my age). But somehow I find all these nice grannies and respectable old-fashioned gents adorable.

As for the shooting itself. Gosh, I've been missing the soothing feeling

Don't get any wrong ideas but it's the most calming sport I know. And I've been into a lot of... well, martial arts :) Now, I'm almost ready for that nasty presentation next week. Almost.


Another way too calm the spirits down are fashion posts. It's raining, so I'll try to be as colourful as my camera and the GIMP program allowed. Welcome to the Haddock!ascot inspired neck porn session ;)

One take a normal navy-blue shirt. The sleeves rolled up, the neck exposed.
(Yes, it's supposed to be wrinkled. It's silk, okay? I just don't trust myself anywhere near it with an iron.)

Um. Perhaps not exactly my best shoot - the worn out home-wear trousers kind of destroys the whole atmosphere of deluxe and fashion.

Oh, that one is much nicer, thank you, dear cam.

Now for the different neck wear :)

(here is the larger version)

I especially like the third one - it's such a lovely contrast :)

And while we are at it - two more scarfs. This times it's no comic related whatsoever, I'm just a huge scarf-fan. The first one was a present from my Mum and the second is a self-made from my best friend.


Do you have any fancy neck wear? Ties, scarfs, different patterns and styles? Feel free to pack it all in the comments ;)

Also, since it's summer and a part of my f-list is already posting amazing dresses... My tribute to the summer feeling. And in fact, the one and only dress which still fits me. Sadly :( Oh, and please, just ignore the mess in the background, the photo is from the last week and I was tiding up while the dress-topic arose in their comments :)

A colourful weekend, ahoy!

PS.: The Tintin-vid is now download-able (last entry) since it's blocked in Germany and I can't see it anymore, which is kind of annoying. I know it's not that good but I'd like to decide it myself and not via youtube jury.

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