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The thing I love about studying Chemistry is ...

- having the competence to calculate the medium temperature of the king Zhao Mo's tomb based on the knowledge about the excitation energy of the racemization L to D amino acid and the present-day ratio of L/D in the remaining tooth of a 55-years old body, unearthed while the archaeological excavation in the year 1983.

The thing I hate about studying Chemistry is ...

- the way our professors assume we can solve 12 cases like that in a 3 hours. Makes 15 minutes á problem, when we keep on writing without spending the time on reading the problem twice or scratching the previous solution or even thinking.

The worst thing is - I could have solved all of the problems if there were just a half an hour more (okay, 60 minutes would be better, I'm a bit slow-going when it comes to plot graphs), so now I'm a bit pissed angry and disappointed. I was hoping "kinetic & dynamic" will be my best grade this semester but right now I'm not so sure anymore =/  Which means no A for me ._." (it's a mystery how I can get the best scores in the subjects I can't stand and then totally flunked the ones I love the most. Is it some creepy Chinese curse for disturbing their tombs with my arithmetic?) 

Enough complaining.
Next topic.

I've got a part-time job at the university again! As a tutor for the organic chemistry in the upcoming summer semester :)
(I was really going to stop writing about uni... I failed hard?) Means I'm gonna spent the whole next week running from one administrative office to another: health insurance, tax office, student loan office (Gibt's eine offzielle Übersetzung von BAföG-Amt? o_O") and so on~

And maybe I should stop hearing audio-fics while office going. Oh, and while shopping. I tend to grin like a Cheshire cat and some people do take those looks personal.

I also wanted to describe just how ridiculous my former dance teacher looks in his hotpants but some things are better left unsaid. It was a good kick-boxing evening anyway. Being angry is the best motivation you can get. (can also be cured by sex or alcohol, which are no fun when you're alone, or travelling/museum/nature/sport. And since my lack of money and time made journey or sightseeing quite impossible, I decided on boxing :3 Just imagine how frustrated Crawford must be to get this body? XD stolen from here and if there is still someone out there who missed the sketches, hurry up and enjoy the eye-candies >D)

EDIT: (from now on, it's just random fan waffle, feel free to move on~)

Just finished the 6th episode of my new obsession "White collar" (season 2) and it's still getting better! *_*;; I thought they already used all of my personal kinks and now they come to me with poker and adoptive kids and mafia and oh, so smart, strong, beautiful women and... oh, god, yes (c) >3
(did I ever mention my great-grandfather lost his ancestral home because of his addition to card games? That's why there were no cards allowed till my Mum moved out .. I was about 9 years old as it happened~) Speaking about my Mum - she also agreed Peter is way more sexy then this wanne-be womanizer Neal :3

The interesting thing is - I may love the series to the bits but there is no urge to produce fan-stuff for "White Collar". For Weiß Kreuz I'm still hooked on it, for BBC Sherlock I'm holding the wolf by the ears, unable to move forwards nor backwards with my intentions, but for White Collar I'm just an innocent bystander~

About BBC Sherlock - the dilemma is: I have a few pretty plots in my head, but when it comes to writing I'm all confused: the series was in English, the fics I read are, the characters are British, the original work was so too~ so the dialogues in my head are half in German and half in English, which doesn't help at all.
When writing in German I fully enjoy the process; feeling all high and consumed, but writing in English.. well, it's a hard work, looking up the missing vocabulary or grammar problems and at the end it's still full of mistakes and foolish phrases. Not satisfying at all >_<"

But maybe I should cosplay Moriarty, since I look a bit like him (I'm perfectly aware it's not a compliment... Even so, I'd prefer to be more like Mycroft. At least when it comes to his control-freak character. Oh, and I just love wearing suits :3 )

P.S.: I have a strong feeling that I miscalculated the medium tomb temperature >_<" There is no way it's about 303 K. But since the unit is right (if it would be meters or Joule, I'd be confused but Kelvins are just fine~) there must be some miscalculating ... Argh. I'm really angry at myself for being such a dork >_<"


Feb. 28th, 2011 05:35 pm
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A short time-out to celebrate I've passed at least 2 of 4 exams :3 (the results were announcement via the ad board a few hours ago)

My dear sweeties, my upcoming tests, you can terrorize me with the threat of failing as much as you like, but in the end each and every one of you will end in my infernal hot cup of coffee  :3

P.S.:  shameless showing-off (German only, sorry, but I really like this one, even so it's just a short lunatic thing :3 Die lokale Apokalypse)

and off again~ :3

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I've always thought "falling asleep on the desk while working" is an awful hyperbole, a visual metaphor, not something that happens to real people in the real world.
I was wrong.

Not that I'm studying too much (because I'm not. Really -.-") But this one special chapter in my lecture script was just endless boring. And I was tired after the first two exams. But from now on there are just two more exams to pass and then I'm free!
(and I really need to catch up with my f-list, I'm missing you guys~)

Also, it's spring ☆ It's still cold outside, but the the air already smells like perfume of a young cheerful girl (or vice verse. I guess, it's the girls how are borrowing the sweet scents to bewitch us~)

This weekend my Dad decided it's time for his belated Birthday Party, so I'm better packing the presents (despite my ribbons always looking more like the Gordian Knot) at least, in Germany it's not so awkward to have a Birthday on 23th February as it was back in Russia: The Defender of the Fatherland Day - which shouldn't end as the celebration of men as a whole but since women have their International Women's Day on March 8 it somehow still happens. However it's quite absurd to celebrate being a men. Or a women. Why does nobody party for being a human being?) 

Okay, back to sleep now, the working desk turned out to be more comfortable then it seemed to but I'm still preferring my bed.

P.S.: Way too good be wasted a background noise while learning but I'm currently so obsessed with this album [♥]
"Days of Wine and Roses" by Beegie Adair (Jazz!), For example this one - Tangerine.

P.P.S.: Also, I started watching "White Collar" and it's amazing! A charismatic art thief working with his partner in crime and chef and rival and (last but not least) friend - a serious FBI-Agent with high morals and sharp mind. Clever intrigues and funny dialogues. Absolutely recommended! Official Preview

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It's a bit late but I couldn't resist to re-post such a pretty picture~

(c) black-humour

The text reads: 14 February - The Day of Chikatilos execution.(ref.1)
Now that was a really good reason to rejoice. Even if you are just a pathetic single.

It's not that I'm not appreciating love & romantic: last morning I saw that beautiful smoky rose ... and head off to the university smiling like an idiot~

now for the X-Day - Exams date.

I'm overwhelmed. A bit.
Feeling like running out of time. Running out of motivation.
Studying is fun, studying is great - but exams ... the exam phase always makes me feel like I'm wasting my time. I mean - I already know how much I've learned or understood this semester, why should I spend so much time on convincing other people I've done a lot more? *grump*

So, the next week or two you won't hear that much from me~
But first I'd like to give proper credits to our amazing theatre ♥ I'm not that much into modernization the classics (I was complaining about the project "Goethe for young readers" in my school leaving examinations for 4 pages) but I loved the modern "Tartuffe" performance to the very bits. Especially, since the deus ex machina wasn't the royal envoy this time but the maid, who was secretly working for some underground organization :D I know, I know, it sounds really weird, but it's way more realistic that having a kings man sorting things out because... yeah, what other reason could the good man have except for Moliére to get his play allowed?
And I had great company with me - not only she is a cute girl studying chemistry as well (two semesters ahead of me) but she is also a Weiß Kreuz fan. The first one I personally know in the radius of 100 km. Yay! (that's rare, in Göttingen you're more likely to find a vegan or a Buddhist or a transsexual or an ex-soldier rather than some Weiß Kreuz fans.)

My lucky streak in discovering new hobbies seems to hold a bit longer: Does somebody know Anne Holt? A Norwegian crime novelist and lawyer (it seems those two always goes hand in head) Her initial books were nice but quite average, the protagonist was a bit of a Mary Sue (a really cool one, though, I have to admit that much. She was a lesbian, had long, beautiful hair and a perfect intuition XD) but some of Anne Holts last stories were unexpectedly impressing. Especially "What Never Happens". I'm always cynical about books falling in the category  of "psychological thriller" but this one really deserves it.

spoiler )

It's the subject of my university public speech. Actually it's: "X-Ray and neutron diffraction". I can clearly see the point of teaching students how to give a proper presentation, the problem is: We are about 100 students and each and every one of them have to preform their half an hour. In all the three branches. So, it's three weekend spend in our beloved university. The series of lectures starts on Friday at
1 p.m. and goes till 6 p.m. We could have other lectures on Friday - that's why it starts only at 1 p.m. But hey, the following day is a Saturday! Means - the lecturers starts at 8 a.m. and goes till 6 p.m. On Sunday it's the same. And for Monday it's the schedule of Friday again.
As much as I love my subject, it's a bit too much of knowledge to consume on one weekend.  And I'm going to set the alarm of my mobile phone in order not to oversleep my own presentation...
But, well, it's all planed for April-May. Plenty of time to concoct a plan...

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The week was long and is virtually over now, and since it's approximately Friday, we can almost see it as a weekend, ergo - I'm free to post nonsense :D

My Sherlock obsession is quite a persistent one and the city library had the book with the original illustrations [squee!] and I have to admit that BBC has done their homework really well.

Chemistry was so primitive, logical, simple those days~

But the spirit of science hadn't changed much :D

(all the sceencaps were made by great aithine)

Talking about the progress. One of the free lectures in this year's Science Festival was about the revolutions in Chemestry  "Drug Development in the 21st century" hold by Prof. MD. DSc. Aaron Ciechanover (an Israeli biologist and Nobel laureate in Chemistry) and I still can't decide if I found it interesting or boring. It was more a philosophy discussion than scientific presentation and I did agree with him at the most points, but there were no thrill in it, nothing new to chew or to be in doubt about. It was more like a historical overview of the three eras:

1) the era of serendipity. Accidental, yet, bloody lucky circumstances leads to the discovering of aspirin & penicillin. The blockbusters of drugs.
2) the second era of the brute force. Targeted screening consumes billions of dollars and is quite a stupid way of research based only on the idea, that if we screen billions of billions of billions compounds, than maybe one of them will be useful. Good, it brought us statins, so may be I'm a bit overreacting...
3) the third one we have now - the pyjama medicine, when the therapy for the breast cancer works on one person and only does damage to another.

So, (he told) there is a new, up-coming idea of personalized medicine - drugs based on the DNA.
And now it's finally getting to a controversial issue - how long will it take till people will demand to make their DNA public? And I'm not only talking about the assurance companies.

Let's talk about romantic then. All those "emotional things". When you look for a partner it's all about love and affection, but no one will deny the instinctual searching for a person with nearly the same intelligent, health, education and culture level. More or less consciously. (those are not just my own thoughts - the statistic insists on it)
And who won't know if their future partner really is healthy or is carrying a hidden handicap in them? Can you overcome the temptation to peek up?

I'm quite sure, I couldn't.

But that's enough for now, I'm sleepy and still a bit sore from the flu, so let's move on to the funny part. Weekend pic-spam <3

cut for a few more bad quality photos & screencaps )

And my favourite illustration to complete the homage:

P.S.: Nyx, this one is for you: Please, confirm you are human >3  
I really do exist )

P².S.: Oh, my summary was redundant, there is already other one on the internet xlab-goettingen

P³.S.: Also, I'm the dorm representative now :) The elections were yesterday - and now it's official! There were two opposing parties and three candidates. Nobody knew a thing about me, but people rather choose a third option then their enemy :D And I'm quite good at putting lipstick on the pig without lying. I'm just didn't tell them about my bad sides.
Means, I can stay in the student dorm for another year! :D
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The uni is feeding my brains to all the lectures, so there is not that much left for socializing... but it's an almost pleasant feeling - one get used to it after a week or two. Also, my Bachelor thesis will probably go a month longer now - the research group demands on an extra time for teaching me a proper lab tasks. But that's fine. And so the next week will be ... full of HOMO-Orbitals, heteroatoms and microcanonical states. (doesn't it sound a bit nasty? Also, when speaking of canon I can't help but thinking of Weiß Kreuz. In Russian WK-fandom the Great and Mighty Canon is feared and respected as nowhere else >D)

I still can be pretty dumb at times. Last week I tried to cure the upcoming flu with sport. Well... as you can guess, now I'm really down with heavy influenza =/ I hate it being ill, but who doesn't? -.-" The whole week my brain felt like some pulp and my trough like burning hell, but it's getting better. It's merely a matter of time now.

At least, my sport-rhythms seemed to normalized in the past few weeks, and I'm glad, I could kick my own ass and moved it into a fitness centre again. I have always those winter-time pauses, when I get really lazy and don't have any motivation for nothing... First time after the winter-sleep I almost faded out. Trying to jump around before the breakfast was a big mistake. I can't start a day without a good cup of black coffee, green tea and a rich half-an-hour breakfast with honey, milk, turkey strips on the crispbread, a few apples on an orange, one of those sweet kaki persimmons or maybe an omelette with cheese...   Oh well, it wasn't suppose to be an entry just about food, but isn't it a good sign? One suppose to get his appetite back when recovering~

Back to boasting of the winter-is-over-feelings: I hope, I will have my strength back soon and can spend at least two days a week in the sport centre, so that my head will be full of new ideas again. The last weeks already brought me some fine gags :3

Ever since I've got problems with my eyes, I've discovered the wonder of audio books for me. And I still love them from the bottom of my cold-cold heart. Now I'm entering the new level of it - hearing the audiofics >D unfortunately, there are barely WK or saiyuki fics but a lot of interesting texts about Sherlock BBC (I confess, I can't wait till the next 3 episodes are on air) While hearing to this one (The Whore of Babylon was a perfectly nice girl) "Most scholars believe the whore of Babylon was a coded reference to Rome, a bustling, metropolitan city of the time. If you compared me to London, I'd take it as a compliment. This is the same thing." (c) I grinned so wide and maniac that the other sportsmen must have thought I was on drugs >D
As the title implies it's not an internally work-safe piece of art but I approved it not for sake of sex (which wasn't explicit) but for the fine humour and oh-so-authentic characters.
If you are interested, there are several other stories, I found great:

The Dealt Hand (and the Code: The 10 Gunmen) starts right after the cliffhanger in the film and offers an interesting possibility of how it could have gone on >3 PG, worksafe, adventure.

It's not the violin - with a lot of funny series-like hints, a refreshing fistfight (which to my great joy Watson wins :3 He's an ex-soldier after all and Sherlock is only a city boy~) and some Lady Gaga covers on the violin. PG. (from the same author as the first one, yet worksafe)

For someone who prefers a higher rating I can recommend this one: Getting the Message all the fans of evil concerned-big-brother!Mycroft and everybody  who has a soft point for fail!sex will definitely enjoy it >3
(It's obvious, I adore fayjay as the reader? Especially in this one you can hear her terrific skills. I didn't like the Sherlock from the fanfiction that much, but the way she revives his craziness just gave me shivers~ amazing job! An Act of Charity)

Oh and a vid-rec, I can't keep it for myself: 
Sherlock (BBC) & the Great Mouse Detective (BBC & Disney animation crossover >D)

While the BBC show reminds me of a really good AU fanfiction based on A. C. Doyle, the crap that Warner Brothers has released in 2009 was a bad OOC fanfiction. Sure, a funny one, but still utterly OOC. And there's a big gab between the two extreme cases.

And, yes, I love AU's to my favourite fandoms or books :3

Since my Dad was the first person to deal with my vivid enthusiasm about Sherlock BBC (I had to skype with my parents to assure them I will over-live the flu) I quoted to him all the funny moments from the tree episodes and than started to retell the best scenes from the fics. I just hope, he won't search the LJ for it - I had censured them a bit and it could end really awkward for the both sides ^^" (also, my Dad is mostly reading the economic, politics or SF-blogs, never the fan-stuff related ones). My Mum is still sceptical trough - she's the only one in our family, who really solves the crimes. My Dad & I are the scientists, the artists, the creators of amazing yet impracticably ideas and theories, but she's the one who really knows how people tick. Embarrassing but true.    
And as someone said, "Sherlock doesn't have cases, he has adventures."

If there will be a few free evenings the next week, I'm sure will contribute a Weiß Kreuz/Sherlock BBC fanfiction too ;-) wouldn't it be thrilling for Sherlock to find the murderer of a crime, which he only got prognosticated from his client? Oh, and I'm looking forward to Crawford's & Sherlock's business meeting *tehe* Also wouldn't Mycroft be a better Takatori? And what if Sherlock is not just a brilliant detective but a bit of a Psi himself? And... dammit, why aren't there any WK/Sherlock crossover already? The both universes merge just perfect!  

On the other hand, it's not very likely, that I'll get that much time for writing, not only there are my jealousy and possessive universtiy-wife, but there is also "Tartuffe" playing in the theatre this month! ♥

Oh, and last week I tried out playing saxophone~ It was a great experience but unfortunately I really can't effort paying about 100 € a month right now. Nor will I in the next 2-3 years. Well, what else are dreams for?

Which, by the way, finally leads me to the meme I've caught up a few weeks ago (I'm a very fast one, I know) but first, I wanted to modify the rules a bit and apply it to the music :3

marry/shag/dumb meme (fandoms: music, APH, WK) )


If anyone wants, I'll give him an opportunity to choose too :-)

But right now, I'm crawling back into my bed, going to hear another chapter of Sherlock adventures from "The Dealt Hand" and will hopefully wake up all fit and fine next morning. The damn flu just have to leave me alone after the whole week snuggling! 


Dec. 30th, 2010 05:50 pm
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I hope you all are enjoying the X-Mas holidays! (and are going to celebrate the New Year's Eve till the morning light?) And everybody had find their special wish to whisper when the the dark tower rings the bells at the turn of the year~
(dramatic pause)

And now for the News.

For the next 5 months I'll have to take quite a dubious medicine. The list of the possible adverse reactions is so long, I even got an extra little book for thoughtful reading. One of the most fatal warnings promises depressions to the point of the suicide. Well, I already take the pills for one and a half months and I feel strangely happy all the time :3 Since it was clearly verified, that the meds lowers the level of the serotonin in the brain, I shouldn't even try to think how happy I'll be without that side-effect. Maybe I'm just glad to see my family once again (it's nearly two months since I visited them last). Or maybe I'm in love. Or I just had eaten way to much sweet honey this morning. Or the depressions are just not my thing? >D

Okay, back to the serious issues. The Christmas Eve always means stress and I'm not a great fan of that period. But I had visited two wonderful people, who made this time bearable for me
Now I'm at my parents, which means - food. Lots of delicious food. Oh, and presents. And old films.... okay, the winter can be nice.

The next year is going to be even more stressful then 2010. Yet interesting. My bachelor theses theme is clear now - I'm going to work on research of oscillation-like behavior of protozoa, using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and impedance analyzer. (doesn't it sound so very cool and adult and scientific and... yes, I do know what it means. Well, at least I have quite a good idea. In a few months I can tell you more. After all, it will be really a research work, which means the methods or the direction could change any time. Also, it means that  the result of my thesis can end in a set of conclusions like: "As we just demonstrated, it doesn't work this, that and the other way." But I can still starve the bacteria, till I have the results I want... Yes, as a child I really wanted to became a mad scientist. Who didn't?)

The other New Year resolution will be learning saxophone. I'm afraid, I still haven't enough money to afford the lessons. It's gross how expensive the tuition is ._.", so the most realistic scenario is, that it' still be a dream for the next year. Or the year after next... but after visiting a musician for Christmas I can't get rid of the idea. (Also, does someone from my f-list like jazz? I'd like to fangirl :3)
My Christmas host is to blame for even more strange ideas. Cosplay-plans (Weiß Kreuz - Hetalia crossover? Yes, please. Oh, and a special Halloween surprise *tehe*) And this strong desire to travel. (Dear Santa, I only wish for money and health. Anything else I can procure myself just fine. Thanks.)

And it's snowing all the time. So my New Year's Wishes will be all about sun and warmth and all the pretty summer-colors of Spain~ summerwine

(Those were the sangría tinta (for my mum) and blanca (for myself), my dad had a cocktail, but I'm afraid, I don't know the name anymore ^^")

And a few more photos for my Christmas' musician. The room kind of reminds me of Chopin >3~

click )

Oh, and a fanart one from a great Russian artist junajull (copyright). Saxophone-love >3

P.S.: Wanny play? You know the famous DeviantArt drinking-game memo, when the person who caught the kiriban can call out for a photo of their wish? Catch the 10,000 pageview on my flagcounter, send me a PN with the pagescreen and I'll write an entry with the theme of you choice >3

Well, now I'm off for a while - family time.

Happy Next Year everybody! ☆

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I've got a new crush lately: a cruel and utterly beautiful one - analytical chemistry ♥ Actually, the course ended a few weeks ago, but since I'm still working on the paper with the results, I can't get rid of it. Forensic science is frustrating and fascinating at the same time, but writing the research down is quite an annoying job. Especially, since I'm working with TeX again and after a long break I lost lots of my skills x_x"
Also, I set one of my spectrograms on fire ^^" Well, no more  perfumed candle while learning anymore?
(or maybe I was just nervous about my bachelor thesis. Buridan's ass would be the best match for my soul mate. After 2 and a half years I finally find out that biophysical chemistry would be my dream comes true, and now they want me to decide about a thesis in only a few hours - I'll need at least a half of a year  to make my mind o_o")

Well, curios to see some high-tech devices I was working with?

click~ )

Also, I've started ballroom dancing! Since I was on my own, I got a random dance-partner there... Well, he is studying French & Politics eduction for a teaching post at secondary schools. Which makes us quite a funny "couple" (side note: in a completely innocent way - he's so skinny and tiny, I'm feeling like some plump orc while dancing with him XD But at least I can learn how to lead ... my future dancing partner sure wouldn't mind? <3)
One evening we were coming back from the dancing lesson, passing "some strange guys with stocks" and I had to switch to the Mr. know-it-all and was talking about shinai and kendo for the rest of the evening. He fled as soon as he could... Whatever. I just noticed, how I miss kendo ._." But I promised myself to go fencing this semester, which was not the best decision I made. Not only I run into my old relationship (which isn't that bad) but  the course is also quite boring (which is bad!). Well, may be it'll getting better in a few weeks (or months) but right now it's not much of a challenge to prick a fencing glove with a floret . Even when the glove is sliding down the wall - after a half of an hour even a monkey will get it.

Also, I desperately need money. Since this year there won't be any new TA positions at the university, (yes, we have to pay over 700 € each semester for studying and they still have nerves to say there have no money! >_<") I had to find another part-time job. So I've got a new student that I'm tutoring after university and one-to-one tutoring is way more stressful that teaching in a class. But since the payment is better, I guess, it's okay. (Just the same as everywhere: working for the industry was always more profitable than for the sake of science XD)

I still had a few evenings left, reserved for culture and social contacts. After sitting at home for days and just learning or starring an the celling all day long (which is sometimes the same) it was just great wandering through the Christmas market or visiting the theatre. 
The Physicists. The first of Dürrenmatt's play I ever read (and it was love at the first sight act), unfortunately, they had to cut a lot (it was only a 2-hours play ._.) and one of the nurses (Monica - the one who was still alive at the beginning XD) still managed to get undressed <.<" (why? WHY? Why does someone have to strip for a play to get acknowledged?) but it was still the good old angry Dürrenmatt >D (for the German Text and Photos from the play go here)
The other play I absolutely recommend is "Party Game" (here more but still not famous enough for a wikepedia article, I guess ) - especially the end, when everything turns upside down and the real intentions are revealed. At that point I was already pleased with the moral of the story, but than - just few minutes before the end - the plot turned one more time and there was the next level of the intrigue. (also, it was performed in an old operation hall which was an amazing idea - despite sitting on the both sides from the scene you never had the impression of starring at someone's ass instead of their faces. Great interpretation!)
The concept of the play reminds me of "Inception" (yeah, I'm quite slow on the uptake~) - but the idea of dream in a dream in a dream is just so after my fancy! *_*;; (Are there any Weiß Kreuz crossover with Inception? Not only it would explain what Farfarello and Berger was doing in Crawfords mind, but wouldn't Schuldig make just a perfect Forger? >3 And Nagi would be awesome as an Architect. Craword - the Pointman? And Farfarello... well ... the ultimate totem? XD)

Oh, and while speaking about awesomeness: Not only I forgot to mention a bunch of great authors from the summer 120_minuten-project (Team Van Gogh - we were awesome! <3) but I also nearly missed the new X-Mas time challenges. (No, I sure don't have any free time for writing.. but I spend way too much hours sleeping lately. If I rearrange the priorities there sure will be a few hours left..)

Banner-time! I couldn't decide so there will be 3 Van Gogh's! XD

(by awesome [livejournal.com profile] nyx_chan)

(by talented [livejournal.com profile] lumcheng)

(by great [livejournal.com profile] der_jemand)

PS: The best receipt against the winter depressions: eating eucalyptus-honey & reading Kurt Vonnengut. (hui, he was studying chemistry too? And did his magistracy in anthropology? Sure why not? *_*;)

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Procrastination is a bad, bad thing.
The winter semester will start tomorrow and once again I have set the bar high. I can't even judge if that's realistic. But we'll see :)

And the analyse course for the next two weeks can start as well - all the analytic stuff always reminds me of my childhoods dream of working in forensic science >3

(speaking of high bars... also, I'd like to take Spanish courses, otherwise I'll forget the language completely.)

from ism studios on Vimeo.

P.S. Also, I have a little problem with my keyboard, so if I wont post a next few days... Well, let's just hope, I can cure my
laptop as soon as possible?

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"Ich erkläre feierlich, dass ich das Grundgesetz und die Gesetze der Bundesrepublik Deutschland achten und alles unterlassen werde, was ihr schaden könnte." - mit diesem feierlichen Bekenntnis und dem Aushändigen der Einbürgerungsurkunde wurde ich letzte Woche offiziell eine deutsche Staatsbürgerin. Die Nachrichten aus Stuttgart lassen zwar einige Zweifel an dem Erhalt der Grundsätze aufkommen, aber schließlich hatte mir keiner versprochen, ich würde fortan auf [Poll #1631149]

Also, a Jazz-week is coming in November. Autumn can't be better this year. Storytelling-time?

(c)photo by Me, fairy-book by Dali-museum, Mallorca, 2010

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 Der Regen fiel unaufhörlich, ja geradezu andauernd,
denn wenn es nicht in Strömen regnete,
herrschte ein Normalregen,
und sobald der aufhörte, setzte Nieselregen ein.

S. 245 "Gottesstreiter" von Andrzej Sapkowski

What does a workaholic do when he's back home from great holidays? Right - he works overtime. The anoganic synthesis labs started a few weeks ago and since it's almost over, I'm up to my eyes in project reports. It's a love-hate relationship [♥]
(we even have poetry among the lines - "Continue to stir the reaction until all of the AgNO3 has reacted to form a fluffy white precipitate." (c) Robert A. Stockland Jr. and others)

Today should be the last day of the practical curses but the plan is a bit out of date now - there was a little accident this morning. So the rooms are closed till... Well, nobody knows when it's possible again to enter the laboratory... and not to pass out the very second. It stinks to high heaven. And this time it wasn't me, who is to blame. (it's enough that I had nearly build a bomb last week. Incidental. I just forgot to retrofit a ventilation before heating up. I'm sorry?)

And it's always great to have some breaks once a while, whether it's an exhilarating distraction or not:

By the way, I'm still jobbing at the inter-cultural centre as the tutor for chemistry. So I have to show the exchange students around - it only takes a week during the semester break but each time after talking to them I'm plagued by an incurable yearning for distant places. I want my Erasmus-year too! But, well, maybe during the master-program?
And it's funny to learn the differences between the countries: Here we only have two tries to pass an examination, afterwards you have an oral with the prof. Then maybe you're allowed to try the very last time. You fail this too and it's over - you never may study chemistry again. Well, at least not in Germany.
In Italy you may try as often as you want, if only you pay. And the UK-student only said, he never failed that much to find out, what happens XD


And to mention some anime-fun too:
Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to welcome the Lord of Hell at my place... and she has the most fascinating eyes I've ever seen @.@" Some silly US-UK-posing follows: (it's so weird not to be the one wearing glasses xD)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We can act IC. Kind of. The Pissed and The Happy One.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And at the evening I also had a cocktail called: "The Pirate" >3
(Brat, why didn't you remind me of teaching you proper 'Poker'? Now you have to visit me once more! ♥ )

And since I promised to report about holidays a while ago, I can mix the dull labs-picspam with candy-striped holiday photos.. And wax lyrical about the sea. And the both lighthouses guarding our bay... dreaming is the only way not to drawn in the sea of the despair, 'cause it's raining and raining and raining all the day long. And the weather forecast promise rain for the whole week. Great.

Laboratory vs. Holidays memories.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

click-click )

And now the colourful Holiday-part for the comparison:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

cklic-click once again for all the colourful dreams please )

Loki on the rocks. Ha ha.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay, it's useless try to force two weeks of exhausting sweet nothing into one single post, so let's call it a day now.

(away for the last dinner - the Hokkaido pumpkin topped with melted cheese~ The autumn won't last long and afterwards it'll be no pumpkin for me, so it's okay eating that late, isn't it?..)

EDIT: A few are corrected but the
embarrassments just doesn't end... beware: most mistakes are sill remain covert ^^"

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Most of my f-list already knew the test, but I just couldn't resist... James Joyce, the author of the untranslatable "Finnegans Wake" and a few other vexed works. Shall I take it as a compliment? Or are my weak grammar and the strong preference for "m dashes" and "ellipsis" to blame?
Whatever. I wish there were something of the kind for German texts - I'm really a bit curious about my stories. Besides, my Dad keeps telling me, my SciFi-tales are not SciFi at all. But then again - he doesn't take Ray Bradbury as a SciFi-author either o.O"

I write like
James Joyce

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Next topic: sweet student life.

I'm done with two of my Very Important Exams. Freedom starts teasing me with the heady aroma~  but there is still one more test to go (it'll never end...) - biomolecular chemistry this time. Yes, it sounds just as scary as it is ò.ó

Unfortunately, the few scattered thunderstorms didn't bring enough cooling for me to fell comfortable outside, so I moved in with my books - and now we are living in the clinical centres library. Aren't we some big loving flagship family?
Aside from the great library there are although a student canteen, a few lecture rooms, study area with comfortable desks, internet access places, ... actually I was wondering most, when a real life invalid was crossing my way - I almost thought this little autonomic town was exclusively student-populated.

New Homeland >3 )

Well, next topic: A Fairy Tale.

Sometimes life reminds us of myth stories: It could be some horror lullaby or a sweet romance, everything is possible. I'm sure everyone knows his own unbelievable stories to tell - so, how about this one: A week from her 23 B-Day a girl finds a golden lion pendant in dusty piles of old postcards... well, this would be quite a trashy fairy tale, I guess.

My grandma, a very devout and a bit superstitiously person, bought this Leo-amulet the next day I was born. Intending to make it a Birthday present, when I'd turn 18. Unexpectedly, my parents and I moved to Germany, when I was still 14. So, Granny took me aside a few days before the transfer... secretly, my parents wasn't evolved -  it was a secret just between the two of us. And I was so good into hiding the amulet, till I would be old enough to wear it, that I actually forgot about its existence. Like... at all ^^" Moving into a foreign country was troublesome enough to keep my mind occupied with worries and hopes, there wasn't any free time to be reminiscent of old secrets.

So, if I wasn't searching for an old computer game, I was missing, and accidentally found a box full of old postcards, drawings and childish secrets, I would have never came across the pendant.

pendant photo, following by a bit Russian & German kitsch from my 13-years-old romantic alter ego >D )

PS: But now I'm really motivated to work on the SciFi-project, which keeps me awake for quite a while now... Hopefully, the muse will be still  waiting for me, when I'm done with all the exams. Although those are so flighty creatures~

P²S: just for the lulz >3 badass granny's girl >D

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Since the semester is nearly over I finally have enough time for... learning! >D

So the next few days (at least till 16.07.. and then till 28.07) I won't show any serious signs of life @.@"

(c) me & my beloved coffee machine ♥ The lovely china cup was sponsored by my Mom, when I moved out a few years ago >3 (fullview) I guess there should be some stylish logo with that 'coffee point of view'-line but, well, may be next time...

PS: And yes, the heat's still driving me nuts. It sucks the last drops of concentration out of me and leaves only a silly empty shell behind~ (embarrassing) Evidence enough? I haven't done something stupid like that since I was ten ^^""

Okay, off now. See you next weekend, dear f-list and stalkers! <3


EDIT: The next time I'd be complaining about the heat - please, remind me of the great medicine library in the clinical centre a few steps from my home. It's perfect for learning but ... I was freezing. @.@"

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I'm still alive!
Even through the sun is trying to convince me otherwise - summer heat and my poor circulation of the blood don't get along very well. One more reason to work and learn in the morning and don't neglect the training! >.<" (the stringent necessity is quite the same as a muzzle of a gun at your temple -  a really good motivation XD)


But I've finished my laboratory tutorial, still can't believe it. Were it really just two months? It was like a whole life to me o.o" 
And in the weekly exam I'm once again the second one. Out of 200 students. I'm kind of proud of myself (and it's not a bad thing). Through I'll definitive need a break next month when the semester is over. There is no idle capacity anymore. (and who the hell is the first one?! Last week it was someone from my course as I can tell from the student number, now it's one of the students in the old diploma degree course. Why do they ever attend to "our" courses? o.o")

Okay, back to the really important stuff - picspam >3 (As always in the last months. Sorry, dear f-list ^^" I'm still way to focused on organic chemistry for a cultivated conversation. I'm afraid, I won't be able to answer properly till the end of July - I'll have my final exam than, you can start wishing my luck right now @.@ )  
First of all: Speaking of exams...

small summer-picspam )
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Next week I'll break free! >3
Well, still have to write an exam each Monday (the reason why every weekend I'm studying and don't really realize it's free), still have to learn a lot, still have to work on my lab reports, still.... ok, I already got the message - the freedom is beyond my reach. But at least I won't hang around these pest-holes of labs until my bones are rotten, and then I'll die. So I can enjoy the spring (= raining. And it's about 10-12 °C here. And did I mentioned it's raining all the day?).

I guess, I'm too tired for a long entry, sorry, dear F-List. Would you like a little dumb pic-spam instead?


A few of the compounds I created>3

Iodine really curls in the flask in this pretty violet gas cloudlet, no photoshop added~
(Through I failed as photograph - whenever it was getting really interesting I had to take care of the gadget. It's dangerous to leave some reactions to itself for too long >3)

take a look? )

And a little book-meme in German (thx, Umi >D)
(Oh and no, I won't bother you with my English any longer, it was just a little experiment.. to proof I still don't feel comfortable with this language :( It makes me feel like I'm not capable of any complex thought - just because I can't express it proper way in English... But may by I'll practice it every now and then ^.~)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).
6. Tag five people.

book-meme >3 )

Die fünf nächsten Opfer:

[livejournal.com profile] aoinagaru_kuran - Wenn du Zeit & Lust auf etwas Ablenkung findest~ An der Stelle noch eine XXXL -Packung von irish awesomeness und geräucherter Liebe >.<"
 [livejournal.com profile] cookie_shinn - darf gerne auch auf Spanisch sein >3
[livejournal.com profile] kurukii  - ich bin wirklich neugierig welche Bücher man mit sich auf so lange Reisen einpackt >3 Aber hier dann doch bitte nichts japanisches, der Sprache bin ich absolut nicht mächtig (vom niveaulosen Animejargon mal abgesehen <.<")... es sei denn du übersetzt es ;)
[livejournal.com profile] nikaidou_akira  - Du hast einen sehr interessanten und oft überraschenden Geschmack, so lange es keine Elfen sind, will ich wissen, was es diesmal ist  *__*"
[livejournal.com profile] xjukasamax  - war da letztens nicht irgendwas mit Misosuppe? Oder war ging's um Sushi? >D

Nun denn, meine Zeit ist um, zurück ans Lernen. x_X"

PS: I should really look through my old photo-file more often - there are some shoots deserving an entry and instead I only post some random pics of Myself and the coffee automates at the university (the last one was made as a simple token of gratitude - the automate saved me more that once from falling asleep during some of the lectures... - can be found in the lab-folder). I should concentrate more on the World around me and not on the chaos inside Me. Another one good resolution. Just the same as the thousand and one before it.

PPS: Ok, NOW  really back at learning <.<"
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Im letzten Eintrag beschwere ich mich, dass ich zu viel Zeit an der Uni verbringen muss, und heute bleibe ich freiwillig länger. Ok, die meiste Zeit haben wir uns einfach festgequatscht. Nein, es war kein Flirten, wir haben nur erörtert  ob Wedler oder Aktikns die bessere Version von "Physikalische Chemie" verfasst hatte.
Und ein andrer Kommilitone brachte mir heute irgendeine ausgefallene Mittelalter-Kirschbier-Sorte um meine Abneigung gegen das Getränk zu mildern. Und "Schandmaul"-Lieder dazu.
Und mein neues Präparat fluoresziert so neon-gelb, dass es sich nicht mal ordentlich fotografieren lässt.

Daher der Entschluss: Ich höre auf, mich zu beschweren. Auch wenn mir gerade einiges nicht passt, sehr vieles sogar. Wirklich sehr-sehr vieles. Aber die positiven Momente lassen sich nicht leugnen :)

Und da ich gerade in so einer Frühlingsstimmung bin (trotz Regen und der Tatsache, dass ich gleich nach draußen muss, wo es kalt und nass und ungemütlich ist), wollte ich endlich eine Übersetzung loswerden, die mir schon seit Tagen nicht aus dem Kopf geht. Es war zwar nicht so schwer, als wenn ich mich an "Finnegans Wake" gewagt hätte, aber eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit lässt sich nicht bestreiten >3

Alle sind weg und nur ich bin's, der bleibt, sitzt, die Beine aus dem immer gleichen Fenster baumelnd, so trinke ich aus dem leeren Glas und komme allmählich in den Geschmack, in Farbe, in Größe und in Form, und langsam, ganz langsam falle ich, falle den anderen lästig, denen, die schon lange weg sind, während ich singe, Lieder über die Zeit, über den Mondesschein, und sie fliegen weg, Lieder wie ein Schwarm stubbeliger Bienen, und nur ich sitze noch immer hier; kann nur das Wetter ge-nießen, welches, wie man es auch dreht und wendet, doch stets das gleiche bleibt, hier, auf immer und ewig das gleiche; kann diejenigen nur beneiden, die gerade unterwegs sind, oder, wenn schlecht gelaunt, im Ge-gen-teil denken, dass ihnen alles, wirklich alles, noch Leid tun wird, und manchmal öffne ich den Hereinkommenden die Tür und heiße sie höflich willkommen, „Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren. Es ist so ein totales Frühling überall."

(c) by [livejournal.com profile] 1978jul04 
(ursprünglich war Text auf Russisch verfasst und daher nicht in dem verlinkten Blog zu finden, aber ich habe vom Autor die Erlaubnis bekommen mit den Texten so verfahren, wie es mir beliebt~)


May. 13th, 2010 12:11 am
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Dear F-List,

ja, ich lebe noch. Zumindest nach der einschlägigen Definition. Über die Einzelheiten lässt es sich streiten.

long, loooooong post 'bout university (german only) )


Hiermit noch mal liebe Grüße an alle, die mich vermissen (nur noch anderthalb Monate, dann holen wir alles nach ._."), an alle, die froh sind, mich endlich los zu werden, und an alle, die nicht mal von meiner Existenz geahnt haben.

Und einmal Kaffee für alle Nachtschwärmer, bitte.

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Ein rein privater Eintrag - ohne irgendeinen Wert für die Allgemeinheit XD

brabbling )

Peace >3

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Unser Internetserver schlüpft von Zeit zur Zeit in die Rolle einer strengen Kammerfrau, die aller Tagesabläufe überwachen muss - habe ich viel zu erledigen, fällt sie in Ohnmacht und zwingt mich zur unfreiwilligen Internetenthaltung. Viel bringt es nicht, habe ich doch genügend andere Ausreden parat, doch langsam habe ich die Nase voll von einer Verbindung, die so unbeständig und launisch ist. Den Anbieter zu wechseln kommt allerdings nicht in Frage - billiger als für 5€, die ich jetzt an das Studentenwerk zahle, werde ich definitiv nichts finden.

Zudem hat mich in letzter Zeit eine unerklärliche Schreibwut gepackt. Nicht so sehr das literarische, das leidenschaftlich und nachdenklich ist und einem Geschichten ins Ohr flüstert, sondern das weitaus profane und banale Bedürfnis sich der Welt mitzuteilen. Gedanken, Tageseindrücke, Empfindungen~ Hätte ich jederzeit, vor allem spät Abends, schon im Bett liegend und fast einschlafend, einen automatischen Zugang zu meinem Blog, würden sich hier ein nach dem anderen sinnfreie Einträge stapeln. Doch zum Glück ist es die virtuelle Nabelschnur zum Laptop noch nicht erfunden und die Gedankenleichen verstopfen weiterhin nur die Nervenbahnen in meinem Kopf. Die Bezeichnung "Leichen" geht dabei nicht so sehr auf eine eventuelle Vorliebe für alles Morbide zurück, sondern auf die Vorstellung, Gedanken würden leben, wären somit geboren, wenn sie ausgesprochen oder dem Papier anvertraut werden. Die ungeborenen Leichen verschwinden indes nicht spurlos, sie vermodern in der aktiven Psychosphäre unter der Schädeldecke und bringen aus ihrer Masse neue, frische Ideen hervor. Erreicht die Konzentration der verfaulten, nicht geäußerten Gedanken allerdings einen gewissen Grenzwert, führt es zu Kopfschmerzen und bedarf einer dringlichen Aderlass, der das Gleichgewicht wieder herstellen wird.

Seht ihr, alles das ist klein Blödsinn sondern rein biologisch bedingt. Da ich schon seit Wochen Kampfsporttraining schwänze und den Stress somit nicht mehr auf den unschuldigen Boxersäcken ablassen kann, dann tue ich eben auf diese Art was für meine Gesundheit und labere euch voll <3

Zudem habe ich mir eine Erholung verdient - 8 Stunden lang eine einzige Aufgabe zu korregieren!!! @_@ Von 9 bis 17 Uhr. Rund 500 mal das MO-Diagramm von Sauerstoffmolekül. Darunter so bizarre Variationen wie eine Energieachse, die nach unten zeigt, Elektronen, die freie Orbitale überspringen und weitere Kuriositäten. (nicht näher ausgeführt, da ich nicht die einzige sein will, die über den Witz lachen kann). Meine Sitznachbarin, die die nächste Aufgabe korregieren musste, hatte weitaus mehr Glück gehabt, bei ihr mussten die Studies eine Frage beantworten, die mit "Warum...." anfing. Auf die richtige Antwort gab es 3 Punkte (von insgesamt 100) und trotzdem hatte sie nicht wenige Aufsätze erhalten, die über mehrere Seiten hinausgingen @_@" Am schönsten war es immer noch, wenn jemand bei einer "Chemie als Nebenfach"-Klausur anfängt zuerst nachdrücklich zu betonen, dass er ja kein Chemiker sei und somit die richtige Antwort nicht unbedingt wissen müsse. Whatever. Ich habe es überlebt und wundere mich nur im Stillen, dass bisher keine Fälle bekannt wurden, wo das Lehrpersonal und nicht die Schüler Amok gelaufen sind. Ruhig, mein Herz, ruhig, du bist nicht eitel genug um auf diesem Gebiet einen Präzedenzfall zu schaffen. Vergiss es.

Nun zu den erfreulicheren Nachrichten. 

Bald hat mein Dad Geburtstag (und in ein paar Monaten dann Mom auch) und ich weiß jetzt schon einen der Geschenke: Kinokarten für Avatar >D Ich hoffe nur, dass nach einem Arbeitstag voller 3D Modellieren am Computer mein Vater noch im Stande sein wird, sich über die unbeschwerte und traumhafte 3D von Avatar zu freuen xD Denn so ein hübsches (und naiv dümmliches aber seltsamerweise mildert das den Charm nicht im geringsten~) Märchen habe ich schon seit langem nicht mehr gesehen. Zauberhaft. Und jedermann zu empfehlen, der es noch nicht gesehen hat >3

Plus, es gibt heute zu Abendessen Auberginen mit Tomatensoße, Paprika und viel-viel Käse. Extra Portion. Ich fresse bei den Temperaturen schlichtweg ums Überleben, weil mir die ganze Zeit kalt ist und ich dringend ein bisschen Fett ansetzten muss. Nicht so viel, dass ich wieder eine neue Garderobe brauchen würde, aber 2-3 Kilo Winterspeck sind durchaus verträglich bei der Kälte x_X" Und einen Tropfen leckeren Kaffeelikör zum Tee. Und sogar ein gutes SciFi Buch zum Nachtisch. Und nicht an die bevorstehende Examen und andere Problemen zu denken. ..... verdammt ._."

PS: Wo wir gerade beim Essen sind >3 Sinnlos Frühstücksbilder-Attack, da ich zu faul bin, mein Abendessen zu fotographiren, der gerade sowieso kalt wird.
Guten Appetit )


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So viel zu tun und so wenig Zeit x_x" und ein Kumpel hatte mich heute Abend zum "Avatar" 3D eingeladen - es stürmt draußen und die Bäume stöhnen und der Wind pfeift wie verrückt und ich will nicht. Aber da ich ihn schon 2 mal sitzen gelassen habe, darf ich nicht noch einmal um Aufschub bitten.
Sei stark. Sei stark und fange an, mit Menschen aus deinem Kurs zu kommunizieren. Du kennst sie schon seit knapp 3 Jahren und solltest langsam in der Lage sein, einen normalen Abend unter deinesgleichen zu verbringen. Ohne dich dabei regelrecht zu zwingen aus dem Haus zu gehen.
Sei stark.

Aber ich arbeite ja schon gezielt daran, was soziale Zwangskommunikation angeht. Wirklich.  Ich habe mich sogar für ein paar Tage in März für einen italienischen Austauschstudent als Tutorin engagiert. Weil ich Geld für die LBM brauche. Und verdammt, ich habe keine einziges braves ziviles Foto von mir, um es auf der Universitätsseite auszustellen x.x" Wer findet mich in zivil unter den anderen? Tipp: Ich lächle als einzige nicht. www.uni-goettingen.de/de/32034.html
Schade, dass ich kein bisschen Italienisch kann und bei meinem Schützling stand nur 3 Monate Grundkurs Deutsch....$!§"§!!! Wenn er kein Englisch kann, müssen wir auf Gebärensprache umsteigen.
Und wo wir gerade bei Sprachen sind - die erste Woche in März bin ich in Spanien ([livejournal.com profile] cookie_shinn du musst mir alles über Madrid & Umgebung erzählen, was man in einer Woche sehen kann!) Das wird ein sehr-sehr ausgefüllter Monat. + Besuch von meinem Teufel (irischness love) + Picknick (oder im April?) + Lernen für 2 aufgeschobene Klausuren (will nicht. Absolut nicht).
Und... ich sehe es schon, ich habe wieder so viel vor, dass ich mich extrem überschätze und Ferien brauche und mich von den Ferien zu erholen,

Ich sollte ruhig bleiben und lernen.

Ich sollte.

..... ich mache mir jetzt eine Tasse Tee und gehe dann wirklich in die kalte, unfreundliche Welt da draußen. (again & again: warum muss das Wetter ausgerechnet heute so dermaßen ungemütlich sein?) Ich suche doch nicht etwas wieder nach Ausreden um nicht hinzugehen? Hm.

Und am Donnerstag Klausuraufsicht. Ich bin nervöser als meine Ersties, habe ich das Gefühl - aber ehrlich, was macht man so als Klausuraufsicht? x_x"

Hm. Ich sollte endlich anfangen, Gedanken zu Ende zu bringen und nicht mitten im Satz aufzuhören, weil ich mich auf eine neue Vorstellung stürzen will. Laaaangsam und planmäßig. Langsam. Aber nicht einschlafen, Liebes. Ich weiß, ich weiß, heute wieder nur 5 Stunden geschlafen. Es hat dich aber keiner gezwungen, bis 3 Uhr Nachts wach zu bleiben. Ich bin selbst mein schlimmster Feind - und ich bin gut darin <_<"

Zur Aufmunterung gibt es heute sogar ein paar Tests, damit meine F-List ebenfalls der Sünde der Trägheit frönen kann und ein paar Minuten ihres Lebens sinnlos aber doch irgendwie befriedigend verbringen kann (ich wollte widerstehen, wirklich - Umi! Schäm dich!! - aber die Ergebnisse haben mich diesmal in der Tat amüsiert - die Testmacker haben bestimmt gestalkt.)  

click for the senseless )

.... übrigens, wenn ich nicht gleich aufstehe, komme ich zu spät x_x" Damn.


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