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Birthdate:Jul 23

Moved to Dreamwidth because of the awesome Tintin-community >D
(most entries are still on the LJ though:


24 years old.
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, Master-degree's soon to come. Or so I hope <3).
Speaks German/Russian (mother tongues. Yes, both, lucky me), decent English (feel free to correct!), bits of Spanish (dusty school knowledge).
Fool for traveling, science, books, art, martial arts, shooting, writing, theater, sangria.

Journal contains:
- mostly English, sometimes German entries.
- shop talk (you see, I'm married to my university).
- life ramble.
- photos. Lots of photos.
- fangirlism (compare interest-list).


„Loki ist schmuck und schön von Gestalt,
aber bös von Gemüt und sehr unbeständig.
Er übertrifft alle andern in Schlauheit und in jeder Art von Betrug.”

(c) Gylfaginning, 33

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