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For my Reira

I couldn't decide so one more photo XD )

Nest time I'll bring white lily >3   Und nun gehe ich mit meinen Prinzipien ins Bett-

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I'm still alive!
Even through the sun is trying to convince me otherwise - summer heat and my poor circulation of the blood don't get along very well. One more reason to work and learn in the morning and don't neglect the training! >.<" (the stringent necessity is quite the same as a muzzle of a gun at your temple -  a really good motivation XD)


But I've finished my laboratory tutorial, still can't believe it. Were it really just two months? It was like a whole life to me o.o" 
And in the weekly exam I'm once again the second one. Out of 200 students. I'm kind of proud of myself (and it's not a bad thing). Through I'll definitive need a break next month when the semester is over. There is no idle capacity anymore. (and who the hell is the first one?! Last week it was someone from my course as I can tell from the student number, now it's one of the students in the old diploma degree course. Why do they ever attend to "our" courses? o.o")

Okay, back to the really important stuff - picspam >3 (As always in the last months. Sorry, dear f-list ^^" I'm still way to focused on organic chemistry for a cultivated conversation. I'm afraid, I won't be able to answer properly till the end of July - I'll have my final exam than, you can start wishing my luck right now @.@ )  
First of all: Speaking of exams...

small summer-picspam )
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A few days ago I tried my Gilbert cosplay out... well, it's still not nearly complete but I just want to see how much I have to improve xDD

awesome vs. FAIL. XD )


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