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Always makes me a bit melancholic and peevish. Such a beautiful time of the year, but, gosh, why is the weather so rough lately? Try riding a bike while it's raining and storming and you'll see what I mean -.-"

No, I'm not complaining, because this weekend the weather promised to play nice - while I'm visiting:
All-you-can-see tour with my sugar cube <3 (you nickname sounds really weird in English, dearD)

Before I leave - some autumn-style & dumb Jim-Mafioso illusions, inspired by BBC Sherlock.

I'm soo changable )

P.S.: Speaking of which: There are no ex-players. Just as there are no real ex-alcoholics. Once a junkie, always a junkie.

P.P.S.: Also, I actually manged to visit my shooting club in the evening - all the grannies and granpas there are just lovely, talking about cakes, Kartoffelsalat (potato salad?) and grandkids~
(I'm getting better at the gun! The knack is to concentrate on the iron sights {Kimme & Korn} not on the aim. Oh, yeah, and holding still ...)

P.P.P.S.: I'm really ashamed by my (non-existent) participation this year but still - Team Phoenix, I'm proud of you!

Banner sponsored by talented [info]der_jemand! *_*

... And the last P.S.'s for today: (Klausuraufsicht =) Proctoring an exam is the most tedious activity you can imagine. Even correcting the test later is more fun~

Good Night & Berlin ahoy <3

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 Der Regen fiel unaufhörlich, ja geradezu andauernd,
denn wenn es nicht in Strömen regnete,
herrschte ein Normalregen,
und sobald der aufhörte, setzte Nieselregen ein.

S. 245 "Gottesstreiter" von Andrzej Sapkowski

What does a workaholic do when he's back home from great holidays? Right - he works overtime. The anoganic synthesis labs started a few weeks ago and since it's almost over, I'm up to my eyes in project reports. It's a love-hate relationship [♥]
(we even have poetry among the lines - "Continue to stir the reaction until all of the AgNO3 has reacted to form a fluffy white precipitate." (c) Robert A. Stockland Jr. and others)

Today should be the last day of the practical curses but the plan is a bit out of date now - there was a little accident this morning. So the rooms are closed till... Well, nobody knows when it's possible again to enter the laboratory... and not to pass out the very second. It stinks to high heaven. And this time it wasn't me, who is to blame. (it's enough that I had nearly build a bomb last week. Incidental. I just forgot to retrofit a ventilation before heating up. I'm sorry?)

And it's always great to have some breaks once a while, whether it's an exhilarating distraction or not:

By the way, I'm still jobbing at the inter-cultural centre as the tutor for chemistry. So I have to show the exchange students around - it only takes a week during the semester break but each time after talking to them I'm plagued by an incurable yearning for distant places. I want my Erasmus-year too! But, well, maybe during the master-program?
And it's funny to learn the differences between the countries: Here we only have two tries to pass an examination, afterwards you have an oral with the prof. Then maybe you're allowed to try the very last time. You fail this too and it's over - you never may study chemistry again. Well, at least not in Germany.
In Italy you may try as often as you want, if only you pay. And the UK-student only said, he never failed that much to find out, what happens XD


And to mention some anime-fun too:
Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to welcome the Lord of Hell at my place... and she has the most fascinating eyes I've ever seen @.@" Some silly US-UK-posing follows: (it's so weird not to be the one wearing glasses xD)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We can act IC. Kind of. The Pissed and The Happy One.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And at the evening I also had a cocktail called: "The Pirate" >3
(Brat, why didn't you remind me of teaching you proper 'Poker'? Now you have to visit me once more! ♥ )

And since I promised to report about holidays a while ago, I can mix the dull labs-picspam with candy-striped holiday photos.. And wax lyrical about the sea. And the both lighthouses guarding our bay... dreaming is the only way not to drawn in the sea of the despair, 'cause it's raining and raining and raining all the day long. And the weather forecast promise rain for the whole week. Great.

Laboratory vs. Holidays memories.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

click-click )

And now the colourful Holiday-part for the comparison:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

cklic-click once again for all the colourful dreams please )

Loki on the rocks. Ha ha.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay, it's useless try to force two weeks of exhausting sweet nothing into one single post, so let's call it a day now.

(away for the last dinner - the Hokkaido pumpkin topped with melted cheese~ The autumn won't last long and afterwards it'll be no pumpkin for me, so it's okay eating that late, isn't it?..)

EDIT: A few are corrected but the
embarrassments just doesn't end... beware: most mistakes are sill remain covert ^^"

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Back to the routine. Even through my head is still full of fresh impressions, new people, weird thoughts & crazy plans. And I'm already a bit tired of my filled holidays xD

But first things first:

Animagic was less stressful I thought it would be - meeting old & new friends, relaxing down by the Rhine, eating fabulous ice cream (mine was the one with the funny yellow helicopter wings - it was also sponsored by Kuku. I'm officially vow to repay the debt in the currency of choice. Whether ice cream or cocktails or some other delicacy or wishes >3)

"Unfortunately", it felt more like chilling in the circle of friends then like a real Convention to me - so there was quite a meagre gain of photos. I ought to have known better - afterwards it's always maddening when thinking about  missed opportunities *kick myself hard* But I'll hope for a next reunion then? ^.~

There were still a few really nice shoots, thanks to our Photograph and my dear past-time Schuldig XD - [livejournal.com profile] aoinagaru_kuran and shy but malicious [livejournal.com profile] kurukii as future-time Schuldig >3

-> high resolution on DeviantART.

A few more small resolution photos for LJ:

bang-bang )

And, well, just a normal photo as an answer to the meme, which by the way is still active >3

More train & private photos will follow the days - I just want to keep the both entries separate.. and need a bit time to make me a few cups of tea. And crispbread with honey. And phone with my Dad about our journey. And read tons of books I brought home last week (Sapowski, Lukjanenko,  Virginia Wood and Remark: reading was my first love and it will be my last ♥) And cure my cold. And when  it's gone, dancing in the rain one more time. And... damn, I love having holidays *__*"

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...  I passed all the exams! Or at least I hope so - the results aren't published yet. But I'm quite positive about it :) 

Well, tomorrow I'll be in Bonn, reminding myself of the good old cosplay days; unfortunately, I won't stay for Saturday as planed - so much for planing your life without bribing the Fates first.
Bun since I'll be in Hanover later, visiting my parents at the weekend, I can finally ask them out for "Shrek 4". My little revenge. Mum can be very persuasive and so I had to invite them out, if I want my B-Day present. Otherwise she would keep it. And no, I have really no idea, what it could be o.O"

For the beginning of next week I'll  have a visitor (frosty Icicle - mein Eiszapfelchen~) and afterwards I can slow down at last, trying to comprehend the meaning of 'holidays'. I promise to work hard on understanding xD

Oh, well, I should be packing my bags now, so the usual photo-spam will be at minimum for today xD But since I'm such an photo-exhibitionist - a meme, which I had impudently stolen from [livejournal.com profile] nyx :

"Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything: from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. Ask as for as many as you want. That way you get to know a little bit about my life, if you're remotely interested in it."

But consider that the results may take a long time ^^" ( I'm just modelling myself on our academics, they correct our exams at their leisure too! >.<")

PS: Animagic - if you want to meet me at Friday, feel free to ask for the phone-number, I'll be there from 13 p.m. till the last train home to my Schuldig.

Oh, and a little teaser for Animagic, made by the awesome Devil-Schu:

Right, I'll cosplay B.Crawford this time. Surprise, surprise! XD But after cosplaying him for three years now, there can be just some random own creation now. Which one I'll choose this time, depends on weather >3

click for the little Mafia- Mr.Crawford-cosplay teasing  )

Plus, I'm leaving early in this morning. So, packing now. Really.

Off till Wednesday, afterwards I'll answer all the PN's and write all the drabbles. And fly to the moon.

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Wusstet ihr, dass quantenmechanische Problemstellungen sich am Besten gegen 4 Uhr Morgens nach 2 Gläser Sherry lösen lassen? Tut mir leid, aber mit einem klaren Kopf bin ich noch nicht soweit zu verstehen, wie ein Teilchen mit 9 eV (electonVolt) eine Barriere von 10 eV passieren kann. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit dafür müsste nach klassischen Gesetzen Null sein, nach der Quantenmechanischen Betrachtungen beträgt sie etwa 10 hoch minus 6. Also immer noch recht klein, doch genug um einem Kopfschmerzen zu bereiten x_x"

Ich wurde gefragt, ob ich weiblich oder männlich bin... das wüsste ich auch gerne. o.O~

Mein Vater meinte sowieso zu dem Bild hier:

"Und bei wem war's am Ende länger?"
*Mutter & ich fangen schon an, anzüglich zu grinsen...*
"...Ich meinte eigentlich die Zunge."

Wo ich gerade an meinen letzten Besuch zuhause denke: Mein Vater hatte endlich mein liebstes Märchenbuch von Russland mitgebracht *_*"

take a look )

Mehr hatte ich dieses Wochenende leider nicht geschafft zu scannen, aber wenn ich das nächste Mal bei meinen Eltern zu Besuch bin, wird es nachgeholt~ (dann werden die Scans auch in einer ordentlicheren Qualität hochgeladen - momentan bin ich zu müde zu ^^")

... Und ich hab gerade Lust auf ein Yuri-Photoshooting >_<" Vielleicht auch etwas Märchenhaft angehaucht oder ein wenig Aimée & Jaguar Stil, hm?

PS: und ein letztes pic-spam Bildchen für heute: guess what? )
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A few days ago I tried my Gilbert cosplay out... well, it's still not nearly complete but I just want to see how much I have to improve xDD

awesome vs. FAIL. XD )


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