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Today morning was one of the strangest wake-ups I ever had - two police officers asked me about the last time I have seen my next door neighbour. I was still a bit drowsy and they were so serious, all handcuffs and uniforms, and that guy next door went missing and ... well, let's hope, he escaped to South America and is not laying somewhere in Göttingen, six foot underneath ._."
Since I'm the resident advisor (Flursprecher), later that day I had to open his rooms for the parents to take his stuff and .. it was really awkward seeing them ._."

So, I just felt like telling you, I'm alright. Things got a bit hectic here (oh, that's unusual ... not -.-"), so I cut on communication a bit, sorry for that :/
Also, my Dad's vacation for this "summer" has been approved (that was really unexpected), which means, I'll take time off too~ I've really missed my Dad, his humour is... unique. I guess, we'll visit some cities around Germany or just get off to the forest if the weather stays just so fine and sunny :)

Marienburg Castle - Hanover
(last week, (c) me)

wanna see some more? )

P.S. : Did I mention how much I love my shooting club? Even if the old guys can't stop telling me how awesome they were, when they were young... But since they let me learning from them for free, let me borrow their airguns and are actually really teaching me from time to time, I'm fine with that :)

P.P.S.: You are really lucky, dear f-lsit, if I wasn't so tiered this week, I would definitely go on complaining about the Pope's visit in Bundestag and the evil plans of Microsoft Windows 8 to knock Linux & Open Source out. Damn you, Big Brother!
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I've always thought "falling asleep on the desk while working" is an awful hyperbole, a visual metaphor, not something that happens to real people in the real world.
I was wrong.

Not that I'm studying too much (because I'm not. Really -.-") But this one special chapter in my lecture script was just endless boring. And I was tired after the first two exams. But from now on there are just two more exams to pass and then I'm free!
(and I really need to catch up with my f-list, I'm missing you guys~)

Also, it's spring ☆ It's still cold outside, but the the air already smells like perfume of a young cheerful girl (or vice verse. I guess, it's the girls how are borrowing the sweet scents to bewitch us~)

This weekend my Dad decided it's time for his belated Birthday Party, so I'm better packing the presents (despite my ribbons always looking more like the Gordian Knot) at least, in Germany it's not so awkward to have a Birthday on 23th February as it was back in Russia: The Defender of the Fatherland Day - which shouldn't end as the celebration of men as a whole but since women have their International Women's Day on March 8 it somehow still happens. However it's quite absurd to celebrate being a men. Or a women. Why does nobody party for being a human being?) 

Okay, back to sleep now, the working desk turned out to be more comfortable then it seemed to but I'm still preferring my bed.

P.S.: Way too good be wasted a background noise while learning but I'm currently so obsessed with this album [♥]
"Days of Wine and Roses" by Beegie Adair (Jazz!), For example this one - Tangerine.

P.P.S.: Also, I started watching "White Collar" and it's amazing! A charismatic art thief working with his partner in crime and chef and rival and (last but not least) friend - a serious FBI-Agent with high morals and sharp mind. Clever intrigues and funny dialogues. Absolutely recommended! Official Preview


Dec. 30th, 2010 05:50 pm
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I hope you all are enjoying the X-Mas holidays! (and are going to celebrate the New Year's Eve till the morning light?) And everybody had find their special wish to whisper when the the dark tower rings the bells at the turn of the year~
(dramatic pause)

And now for the News.

For the next 5 months I'll have to take quite a dubious medicine. The list of the possible adverse reactions is so long, I even got an extra little book for thoughtful reading. One of the most fatal warnings promises depressions to the point of the suicide. Well, I already take the pills for one and a half months and I feel strangely happy all the time :3 Since it was clearly verified, that the meds lowers the level of the serotonin in the brain, I shouldn't even try to think how happy I'll be without that side-effect. Maybe I'm just glad to see my family once again (it's nearly two months since I visited them last). Or maybe I'm in love. Or I just had eaten way to much sweet honey this morning. Or the depressions are just not my thing? >D

Okay, back to the serious issues. The Christmas Eve always means stress and I'm not a great fan of that period. But I had visited two wonderful people, who made this time bearable for me
Now I'm at my parents, which means - food. Lots of delicious food. Oh, and presents. And old films.... okay, the winter can be nice.

The next year is going to be even more stressful then 2010. Yet interesting. My bachelor theses theme is clear now - I'm going to work on research of oscillation-like behavior of protozoa, using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and impedance analyzer. (doesn't it sound so very cool and adult and scientific and... yes, I do know what it means. Well, at least I have quite a good idea. In a few months I can tell you more. After all, it will be really a research work, which means the methods or the direction could change any time. Also, it means that  the result of my thesis can end in a set of conclusions like: "As we just demonstrated, it doesn't work this, that and the other way." But I can still starve the bacteria, till I have the results I want... Yes, as a child I really wanted to became a mad scientist. Who didn't?)

The other New Year resolution will be learning saxophone. I'm afraid, I still haven't enough money to afford the lessons. It's gross how expensive the tuition is ._.", so the most realistic scenario is, that it' still be a dream for the next year. Or the year after next... but after visiting a musician for Christmas I can't get rid of the idea. (Also, does someone from my f-list like jazz? I'd like to fangirl :3)
My Christmas host is to blame for even more strange ideas. Cosplay-plans (Weiß Kreuz - Hetalia crossover? Yes, please. Oh, and a special Halloween surprise *tehe*) And this strong desire to travel. (Dear Santa, I only wish for money and health. Anything else I can procure myself just fine. Thanks.)

And it's snowing all the time. So my New Year's Wishes will be all about sun and warmth and all the pretty summer-colors of Spain~ summerwine

(Those were the sangría tinta (for my mum) and blanca (for myself), my dad had a cocktail, but I'm afraid, I don't know the name anymore ^^")

And a few more photos for my Christmas' musician. The room kind of reminds me of Chopin >3~

click )

Oh, and a fanart one from a great Russian artist junajull (copyright). Saxophone-love >3

P.S.: Wanny play? You know the famous DeviantArt drinking-game memo, when the person who caught the kiriban can call out for a photo of their wish? Catch the 10,000 pageview on my flagcounter, send me a PN with the pagescreen and I'll write an entry with the theme of you choice >3

Well, now I'm off for a while - family time.

Happy Next Year everybody! ☆

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...  I passed all the exams! Or at least I hope so - the results aren't published yet. But I'm quite positive about it :) 

Well, tomorrow I'll be in Bonn, reminding myself of the good old cosplay days; unfortunately, I won't stay for Saturday as planed - so much for planing your life without bribing the Fates first.
Bun since I'll be in Hanover later, visiting my parents at the weekend, I can finally ask them out for "Shrek 4". My little revenge. Mum can be very persuasive and so I had to invite them out, if I want my B-Day present. Otherwise she would keep it. And no, I have really no idea, what it could be o.O"

For the beginning of next week I'll  have a visitor (frosty Icicle - mein Eiszapfelchen~) and afterwards I can slow down at last, trying to comprehend the meaning of 'holidays'. I promise to work hard on understanding xD

Oh, well, I should be packing my bags now, so the usual photo-spam will be at minimum for today xD But since I'm such an photo-exhibitionist - a meme, which I had impudently stolen from [livejournal.com profile] nyx :

"Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything: from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. Ask as for as many as you want. That way you get to know a little bit about my life, if you're remotely interested in it."

But consider that the results may take a long time ^^" ( I'm just modelling myself on our academics, they correct our exams at their leisure too! >.<")

PS: Animagic - if you want to meet me at Friday, feel free to ask for the phone-number, I'll be there from 13 p.m. till the last train home to my Schuldig.

Oh, and a little teaser for Animagic, made by the awesome Devil-Schu:

Right, I'll cosplay B.Crawford this time. Surprise, surprise! XD But after cosplaying him for three years now, there can be just some random own creation now. Which one I'll choose this time, depends on weather >3

click for the little Mafia- Mr.Crawford-cosplay teasing  )

Plus, I'm leaving early in this morning. So, packing now. Really.

Off till Wednesday, afterwards I'll answer all the PN's and write all the drabbles. And fly to the moon.

9 %

Jun. 30th, 2010 01:22 pm
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Still 91 % left xD

My Dad just send me an e-mail concerning our next vacation, I hope, we'll agree on Croatia this time *_*" after Madrid I'm way to tired for another cultural trip (it really sounds despicable, I guess ^^" But I'd like to swim 40% of my 2-week holiday this time, thanks. There are still another 60% left and I'm willing to spend it visiting diverse castles & its environs. My cam is rotting without climbing any rocks while photo-shooting xD Which reminds me, I still didn't post any pics from Spain, did I? Aghz. )

Well, I'm just spending the lunch break dreaming, as always. But today it's a bit chilly outside and I'm thirst for action. I'd love nothing better now than doing something stupid and get out of this town. To go somewhere. Anywhere. 
Nagh, just dreaming in the warm glow?

You have to zoom the map - especially the Europa part - to see more details. And in the USA it was only Florida - I'm feeling a bit like cheating seeing the whole country marked o.O" 


And a few last photos. Once again.
I was 10 or 12 years old and it was the first time I was in a foreign land and a the first time I've seen "a cosplayer" too - it was a bit like a dream. And that for I'm so in love with photos - it's an archaeological evidence it was really life and not just dreaming.

Warning: The pictures aren't pretty nor they are high quality shots but I'm looking so capital excited here as only a child can be. So hell, why not? And the cosplay-girls were pretty there >D

even more pictures )

P²S: I should stop acting so nostalgic over dumb old memories, but the weather is to blame. Sure.

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Round and round spins the cute little dz2 orbitale~
And my head spins nearly the same way - the are so many things I want to do, things I want to achieve .. and a lot more things I have to do but don't feel like it AT ALL.
Well, the good news are:

- the university will be over at the end of the next month but till than I have to write all of my own exam (very, very good if I don't want to get kicked of the university XD) and although correct the stuff my students will write~ With red pen - like a real badass prof >3 still learning myself but who cares as long as I have the red pen!! *muharhar*
 - reading some really great novels now: Is someone interesting in me jabbering on about? @.@" (the most famous one is "Das Spiel des Engels" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón .. I really wish my Spanish would be better to read the original =( any writer with such a tender & loving relationship to the literature will sure have a great stile .. if stile would really rubbed off all the books >3.. Stanislaw Lem with his oh so human SciFi Stories - a mental picture of a men, who finding himself multiplicated by a black hole, instead of enjoying this company trying to cheat on himself to defer the problems he has. He even lies, hits and nearly kills himself .. the story makes me feel a bit too embarrassed for someone with a pure conscience ^^"" Well, another book is "Tipping the Velvet" by Sarah Waters and I will sure discuss it some other day - the alternative way of love may be a common thing for the yaoi-fans, but still - those are Ladys whom I'll be slandering about, so bit discretion will only be fair >3)  
- talking about literature... I enrolled for a taster course in "Science Journalism" for two weeks in February and March ^___^ And only if it'll be for seeing the light .... and keeping my hands off the writing hereafter~
- gotten to know some awesome people *_*" wish I had more free time for them! ._.

Now in German, sorry guys who are stalking my journal from the oversea and giving me all the funny multicolored flags, but I have no idea how I shall describe the behaver of the bureaucrats without swearing all the way -.-"
[AND - my English's getting worse and worse without practice x_x"]

"$"$!!!! )

and a little picture spam for the sake of tradition >D

click the light >3 )

Und ein passendes [current-mood]-Bild zum Schluss:


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15 verrückte Tage auf Teneriffa, voller leuchtender Farben und bleibender Eindrücke sind nun leider um, und der deutsche Herbst, der mich gestern Nacht am Flughafen mit knapp 12 Grad °C begrüßt hatte, wirkt umso liebloser und trister. Ich werde wohl noch einige Tage brauchen um mich an die gemäßigten Farben und Temperaturen zu gewöhnen. Und den abenteuerlichen Tagesablauf der letzten zwei Wochen zu vergessen, stattdessen heißt es ab Montag wieder Uni und regelmäßiger Unterricht bis 17 Uhr täglich, Hausaufgaben und Klausuren. Vielleicht ist es gar nicht mal so schlecht, mein überhitztes Gehirn könnte ein paar ruhige Tage gebrauchen um die neuen Eindrücke zu verarbeiten ~

Man bedenke: Ich bin heute mitten in der Nacht angekommen und habe dann bis 5 Uhr Morgens am Flughafen gewartet, bis die erste S-Bahn nach Hannover fuhr. Nur um dann in ein paar Stunden wieder in einen Zug steigen, diesmal ging's nach Göttingen, wo auch erst mal alle Sachen ausgepackt/gewaschen/saubergemacht werden wollten. Und Schlaf muss ich auch irgendwann noch heute nachholen, wenn heute nicht in der Vorlesung einschlafen will ('"Tut mir leid, Herr Meyer, aber ich war so müde vom Urlaub, dass ich kurz eingenickt bin...nein, es liegt definitiv nicht an Ihrer Vorlesung!" <.<“ Damn, ich mag den Prof nicht.....) Daher kann ich jetzt bestimmt nicht gleich all die anstehenden Mails/ENS'/sonstigen Kram erledigen – im müsste schon längst im Bett sein, der Alarm Clock nevt mich schon zum dritten Mal heute Abend und ermahnt endlich vernünftig zu werden.

Doch im Laufe der Woche will ich versuchen zumindest bruchstückhafte all die Erlebnisse zu systematisieren und vorzustellen. Da ich kein großer Fan von sachlichem Aufzählen bin (zwar ist es nicht immer für den Leser langweilig, doch für mich in der Regel schon und warum sollte ich dann meine Zeit mit stumpfem Rekapitulieren der vergangenen Ereignisse verschwenden?), werden die meisten Punkte wohl eher in meine geliebten kurzen Drabblsspielerein einfließen statt in nüchternen Berichten aufzutauchen. Aber um auch ein paar Fakten zu nennen:

Ich bin auf einem Vulkan gewesen, auf der Höhe von 3,718 m fast vom Winde von der steilen Wand gerissen worden, in den weiten Steppen in stiller aber hartnäckiger Begleitung kleiner Eidechsen gewandert, auf einem Albino-Kamel geritten, mit einem U-Boot abgetaucht, sowie die leckersten Muschel meines Lebens gegessen und den tollsten Cocktail Tenerifas getrunken habe xD 
Kurzum der Urlaub war mehr als gelungen (natürlich gab es auch ein paar Schattenseiten, die ebenfalls sehr heftig ausgefallen sind. Aber die werden hier nicht erwähnt, keine Sorge, ich lebe ja bekanntlich nach dem Motto: "If You Cannot Get Rid Of The Family Skeleton, You May As Well Make It Dance – George Bernard Shaw“ Also betrachten wir das agnze von der positiven Seite- den Urlaub werde ich bestimmt nicht vergessen xD“

Leider bin ich nun außerdem haushoch bei meinem Eltern verschuldet, aber da ich ab diesem Wintersemster bei der Uni arbeite werde ich wohl bald alles begleichen können >.<“ Die Postkarten an all meine lieben Verrückten gibt’s trotzdem – rückt mit den Adressen raus, wenn ihr eine wollt oder wartet bis Connichi :D Irgendwie habe ich euch trotzdem vermisst, auch wenn ich keine Zeit hatte, merke ich es gerade jetzt, wo ich wieder in erneuter Umgebung bin. Ich freue mich schon darauf bald mein geliebtes Team wieder zu sehen ♥ Und Bubblegumlove~ Und The Queen. Und Xawi~

Nun, ehe ich zwei schlaflose Nächten voller Flugzeuge, Züge und Busse im kuscheligen Kissen ersticken werde, kommen ein paar sehr kurze, sehr unbearbeitete und sehr amateurhafte Ausblicke in die Traumwelt von vor zwei Wochen~ Mehr, besser und größer kommen die Bilder dann nach und nach in den nächsten Wochen ^_^

teaser~ )

So dann, die restlichen Bilder (und es sind echt viele x_x") sowei weitere sinnlose Kommentare meinerseits kommen irgendwann die Woche - stay turned! xD

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Since recently I'm getting sentimental about such odd things as family or darling... It's really weird, but since a lot of my friends and acquaintances are gone - or should I say: Since I've leaved them - I've noticed once again that my mum & dad will still be there for me no matter what.... As I said - it's quit a weird feeling~ Especially for someone like me, who don't ask anyone for help or concern.
But I'm glad to have them anyway~
creepy family ;D )


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