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My microwave exploded, I have a sore throat and some fever, and the first Master-of-Science semester is anything but structured.
My schedule is full but due to our new, extraordinarily confusing university catalog (Studienordnung) I can't shake the feeling, I'm still missing some important lectures. And I hate lab-work. I'm a theorist not a synthesis-genius like that shy Breaking Bad chemistry teacher. Unfortunately. Otherwise I'd be out there in a veld, cooking meth with a cute hip-hopper XD
By the way, are there any fans of that amazing, dark humored, depressing and simply gorgeous series in my f-list? (Except the one, who is to blame in the first place <3)

Also, after the research work during the Bachelor thesis, it feels a bit weird to play student again. Plus, there are profs from Swiss & Ukraine holding their lectures in German, which sounds a bit wearisome, and German profs lecturing in English - vice versa would be a bit simpler but our administration despises simple decisions.

At least, it's not dull.

Last Tuesday we had a lecture about spectroscopy, especially the Mößbauer-Effect. Let me quote the slides with the synopsis of its discovery:

before 1958:   it could have been discovered earlier. But it wasn't.
1958:               discovered. Nobody cares.
1958-59:          okay, someone cares.. but doesn't believe it.
1959:               fine, everyone believes it. Still doesn't care.
1959-60:          Oh...
1961:               Nobel Prize!

Another Prof, another lecture:

"Here you can see the structure of serotonin: one of the neurotransmitters, responsible for the musculature relaxing, a so called 'happiness hormone'. Interesting fact: When in love, the level of serotonin is quite low. Then again, a person in love is excited not relaxed. Or so I have read."

And he was bloody serious about it. Lately I tend to think I'm going to end like him. What molecule exactly am I missing?
Enough of university, I still have my 'reactiondynamic' homework to procrastinate.

Oh, and John Le Carré is amazing when he writes about Ost- & West-Germany and the Cold War. It's been a while since I enjoyed such a well-plotted old-school Spy Fiction. No unnecessary details, every word is in the right place. And he sure has great observation skills. When he starts to describe a person I almost see a breathing human being even if he missed to mention their hair or eye colour or did so only at the end of the page.

Last but not least, Berlin was amazing, thank you, my dear <3

about 20 Berlin photos )

...Yay. Reaction-dynamics time!

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Always makes me a bit melancholic and peevish. Such a beautiful time of the year, but, gosh, why is the weather so rough lately? Try riding a bike while it's raining and storming and you'll see what I mean -.-"

No, I'm not complaining, because this weekend the weather promised to play nice - while I'm visiting:
All-you-can-see tour with my sugar cube <3 (you nickname sounds really weird in English, dearD)

Before I leave - some autumn-style & dumb Jim-Mafioso illusions, inspired by BBC Sherlock.

I'm soo changable )

P.S.: Speaking of which: There are no ex-players. Just as there are no real ex-alcoholics. Once a junkie, always a junkie.

P.P.S.: Also, I actually manged to visit my shooting club in the evening - all the grannies and granpas there are just lovely, talking about cakes, Kartoffelsalat (potato salad?) and grandkids~
(I'm getting better at the gun! The knack is to concentrate on the iron sights {Kimme & Korn} not on the aim. Oh, yeah, and holding still ...)

P.P.P.S.: I'm really ashamed by my (non-existent) participation this year but still - Team Phoenix, I'm proud of you!

Banner sponsored by talented [info]der_jemand! *_*

... And the last P.S.'s for today: (Klausuraufsicht =) Proctoring an exam is the most tedious activity you can imagine. Even correcting the test later is more fun~

Good Night & Berlin ahoy <3

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Today morning was one of the strangest wake-ups I ever had - two police officers asked me about the last time I have seen my next door neighbour. I was still a bit drowsy and they were so serious, all handcuffs and uniforms, and that guy next door went missing and ... well, let's hope, he escaped to South America and is not laying somewhere in Göttingen, six foot underneath ._."
Since I'm the resident advisor (Flursprecher), later that day I had to open his rooms for the parents to take his stuff and .. it was really awkward seeing them ._."

So, I just felt like telling you, I'm alright. Things got a bit hectic here (oh, that's unusual ... not -.-"), so I cut on communication a bit, sorry for that :/
Also, my Dad's vacation for this "summer" has been approved (that was really unexpected), which means, I'll take time off too~ I've really missed my Dad, his humour is... unique. I guess, we'll visit some cities around Germany or just get off to the forest if the weather stays just so fine and sunny :)

Marienburg Castle - Hanover
(last week, (c) me)

wanna see some more? )

P.S. : Did I mention how much I love my shooting club? Even if the old guys can't stop telling me how awesome they were, when they were young... But since they let me learning from them for free, let me borrow their airguns and are actually really teaching me from time to time, I'm fine with that :)

P.P.S.: You are really lucky, dear f-lsit, if I wasn't so tiered this week, I would definitely go on complaining about the Pope's visit in Bundestag and the evil plans of Microsoft Windows 8 to knock Linux & Open Source out. Damn you, Big Brother!
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Since yesterday I'm back in Germany.
Grey, rainy sky. Thunderstorms. High wind and yellow-orange leaves drowning in almost endless puddles. Someone had already switched the weather from summer to autumn and I had totally missed the moment.

(Don't mind the grumping, I still love Göttingen. The town is my soulmate and either Moscow nor Paris could have moved me more~ And autumn weather suits Göttingen really well, it's just the abrupt change, that's getting to me.)

The holidays were ... fun. Not exactly what I was expecting, but my mind really is a bit clearer now. Or at least I hope so. The two weeks seamed somehow dream-like now. Unreal.

Oh, and I first tried playing golf - never thought it would be that great. Want more! :) And I'm still not good in billiard. But I can swim for over two hours and in some creepy boxing machine I've got the second highest ranking XD (Superman!)

Also, I've sprained my ankle really bad. Right, now, I'm at home, reading (John le Carré & Sergej Lukjanenko, shaken, not stirred - I always read two books at a time; one for waiting+eating, another for the evening, a 'go-to-be-story') and - unfortunately - learning for the last of my Bachelor exams.

Indeed, the change from sun & relaxing to raining & learning was quite abrupt. A good chance to learn some discipline? Thank you, dear Universe, for this great opportunity for self-improvement. Damn.

Lukjanenko describes in his novels quite often the concept of a "Dream Line": some kind of a 'navigation system', which will find you a perfect 'verse out of millions upon millions different 'verses. Perfect just for you. Finding it according to the information from the depth' of your mind, your hidden angst and wishes, your true needs. Would you like to leave our universe and live in your own world? At the risk of knowing perfectly well, just who you are and that this place with its strange morals is just exactly what you really deserves? (It can be quite a cruel realization, you know?..)

Well, I shall switch to le Carré again. (Yes, I was brought to it by the film "Tailor, Tinker, Solder, Spy" - officiall trailer looking forward to it! *_*;)

P.S. During the holidays (thanks to that one particular landscape on our way to the beach - giant cactus) I found another hobby: cacti (cactuses? Lots of small, cute cactus-bastards?) I always thought my talent with plants was about Zero. Bad karma, I suppose. I either forget about them completely or start caring way too intense for them to survive. But I want to start this one last experiment.
6 of a kind:

basket (there'll be more earth soon)
violet (this one is shy)
red-yellow (the yellow one is Alexander and the red one is Beatrice <3)

Okay, back to my favorite peppermint-tea and learning, yay!

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Actually, the last entry is a bit out-of-date. I started it a week ago, to be precise... but right after I wrote about the "All individuals"-vid, my Internet died and I perceived it as a Sign.

Also, the was an important change in my mood. And some fabulous thunderstorms the next few days.

And my shooting club (I've started with an air gun instead of a rifle!). And sports (that light air gun grows quite heavy in your hand after an hour of shooting -> I need some muscles ò.ó By the way, I've seen two of our Profs in the gum, as well. It's really awkward to see someone who you've only seen all buttoned-up, now wearing only a pair of shorts and a sweat soaked shirt...) And Theater (4 Rooms!). And some lazy afternoons with a book, a pumpkin backed with cheese and a glass of cold-cold milk.
Not to forget the weekend I've spent at my parents. Including a 5-hours-long walk to the sea nearby :3

Altogether, I'm starting to really enjoy my life right now. There is this one last exam, though. Like a dark cloud on the flawless blue sky... But it's at the end of September, so I decided to spend the first two weeks somewhere else :D
Means -> Starting from tomorrow I'll go on holiday!

Good-bye, my dears ♥
See you after 8th September.

The mystical metamorphosis from a tiered geek with dark circles around the eyes to bright and shiny Bacheloretta <3

I guess, I just needed a doctor. (Attention: Sherlock BBC & Doctor Who reference... and, damn, that idea about fem!Moriarty cosplay just wont disappear! Mycroft's to blame. Sure.)

P.P.S. In the last three weeks I've already unlearnd to use the Internet or to write proper entries. I wonder if I'll still remember my LJ-password after two more weeks aft o.O" I hope so, for there are a lot of lab photos at my cam <3

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This note will be quite short, a mere sign of life: The university had started and this weekend there also will be the first series of our performances (my turn to speak will be in the third lecture-weekend - it's in May - on the third day... is the universe trying to tell I'm special? XD)

Lisbon turned out to be an absolutely marvellous city ... left by their light-headed citizens to decay. Absolutely irresponsible but with no bad intentions behind it - just the native laziness. As always.
No wonder the most remarkable arts and paintings belongs to an Armenian billionaire's museum - Gulbenkian's collection. They had Renoir and Claude Monet, Old Egyptian sculptures and Evangeliaries from Constantinople, Qing vases and décolleté jewellery.

But even apart from the museums the whole city should be declared as an unbelievable but amazing piece of art ♥ (one just have to clean the place up first.)

Unfortunately, my camera died on the very the first day, so I had to put up with my mobile phone cam - you can image the lousy quality ._."
(Also, I didn't realize, I was photo-addicted until my dear cam left me ... it's bitter)
Obviously, I can't resist to post a few stupid views anyway. If I just reduce the size to small enough pictures, then may be the low quality won't be that apparent?
I mean.. they do have modern art over there too <3

A bigger report with pictures and impressions will follow later, right now I'm a bit too tired for any coherent thought that is longer than two sentences. 
(We had to change the flights on the Airport in Paris. And let me tell you, there is nothing more enervating than spending the whole night awake, while on your left there are a dozen of homeless persons - I'll never, never, never want to end like that - and on your right a few workers, boring and drilling and making impossible loud noises. The whole damn night long. Why on earth does everybody seems to work only at night? In Portugal it was just the same - are they afraid to bring shame on their families if someone catches them while OMG! working?)

Well, back in Göttingen I rushed to the Science Slam , it's some sort of a humorous competition between the various profs and some mere bachelors, everyone tries to earn the audience's sympathy to win the game >3  This time it was Jonas Rohde with his comparison of the classic and the popular music. He especially talked about the "future-oriented attention" ("zukunftsorientierte Aufmerksamkeit" ) and how our brains rewards us (= likes the tone) when we can foresee or "intuit" the further trend of the melody~

Also, today I sneaked into an "Applied Criminology" lecture ("Angewandte Kriminologie"). Just because I can.
There was one "While Collar" episode, when an archaeology student attend to a criminology course and... well, there were no Neal Caffrey for me, but it reminded me a lot of the politics lessons at school >3 Next week I'll see if  "Criminology in 19th century" will be more fun. Yes, now it's "Garrow's Law" to blame ^^"

Even if according to Sherlock, I'm doing it all wrong: covering my brains over with rubbish and useless data.. but I just have to distract myself from being too nervous from the upcoming bachelor thesis.
Also, when I'm in an auditorium - I can't eat and it's definitely a good thing for my figure (in Portugal they always gave me a double portion for looking so thin and cute. And I just can't say "no" to a tasty paella or some hot lasagne >3 ... and now I have to deal with the consequences x_x")

Speaking about food~ I've discovered my weak point for Häagen-Dazs. Especially for the mix of two portions: Coffee and Rum *_*;;  It tastes absolutely delicious together <3

P.S.: My Dad told me, there were major problems with LJ lately. Was it that bad? Also - was there something else I had missed? If so, I would appreciate if you point it out for me, for I surely can't catch up with everyone o.o"

P.P.S.: Obviously, one shouldn't be boasting about enjoying the life way too loud - the university is an envious bitch. I'll have to work the next week too =/ In-between the lectures, the week-end performances and the preparation for my thesis (did I mention I have to learn python coding? Seems that my prof simply forgot to mention it the last time. Well, now I'm really a bit frightened of the upcoming weeks x_x") 

"And if you cannot sleep, let us hope it's from anticipation and not fear." (c) Garrow's Law.

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Finally, the exams are over and I can fully enjoy my holiday, if only for a little while - at least, we're going to Lisbon for 4 days, so the upcoming week can't be that bad :)
(The was some serious miscalculating though. I couldn't have imagined having that big trouble with the BAfÖG-department, which makes me reconsider all my future "spending money & savoring the pleasant moments" plans. Expect for Prague. If there is nothing in your way, dear? :3)

The last week brought me not only a lot of learning for the last exam but also a brief glimpse at my future bachelor thesis work place~ I've got a lot of papers to read and internalise: about the amoebae's growing and starvation, about the image analysis (on the example of cancer cells counting) about the resistance-time graphs and the recording gadget constructions... does it sound like chemistry to you? And that's why I love it - it unifies physics, chemistry and biology in a cheerful threesome <3 As a part from from my f-list already knows, I've started studying physics first and I still see him as my ex-boyfriend (looking something like Sherlock from that British mini-series click, the behavior is the same. And, unfortunately, I wasn't able to deal with that odd and unintended cruel bastard for too long. But I'm not over him, yet, my thesis consist up to 80 % of his area of competence. The rest is Biology, who by the way in my head!canon is a cute blond and a bit naive girl. But since I'm not into blonde's, I have an established relationship with Chemistry - an amusing, mysterious brunette. Sometimes she is a bitch though)

Sorry, I'm talking weird. Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation but when you get neither sleep nor coffee the symptoms are just horrifying >D

Oh, and a small cultural note till I'll rush away, packing and flying to a beautiful city (where by the way also was an earthquake of the scale 9. Back in 1755):
Gattaca -
the most realistic SciFi movie according to the NASA. (and apart from the strong message of the plot, the actors are absolutely convincing. It occurs to me that Judy Law will never personalize any other character that perfect as one certain spoiled brat - Bosie, but since Jerome is such a princess himself it's only appropriate~) thanks @Nyx for the great recommendation! (and I'm still waiting for that book you promised me >3)

More infos when I'm back in Göttingen (somewhere around the 11th of April)

Don't get bored and keep on dreaming: http://soytuaire.labuat.com/ (not only the song is beautiful, it's also a  very meditative occupational therapy~)

[EDIT]: There really are some grave reasons why I'm trying to avoid posting after midnight. The entry sounded perfectly fine in my head but when it comes to writing the thoughts down I stumble over phrases, different lines of thoughts and inappropriate images. And it makes it hard to concentrate on the most important issues.
Anyway, for now I'm just corrected my opinion on Gattaca a bit, but when I'm back, I'm gonna fangirl about Beljaew A LOT. Beware of some old SciFi novels upcoming! [heart]

<daydreaming> PS: When someday I'm rich, we'll travel around the world together. At least sometimes? And we'll drink coffee and watching beautiful sunset burning out above the sea~ </daydreaming>

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"Ich erkläre feierlich, dass ich das Grundgesetz und die Gesetze der Bundesrepublik Deutschland achten und alles unterlassen werde, was ihr schaden könnte." - mit diesem feierlichen Bekenntnis und dem Aushändigen der Einbürgerungsurkunde wurde ich letzte Woche offiziell eine deutsche Staatsbürgerin. Die Nachrichten aus Stuttgart lassen zwar einige Zweifel an dem Erhalt der Grundsätze aufkommen, aber schließlich hatte mir keiner versprochen, ich würde fortan auf [Poll #1631149]

Also, a Jazz-week is coming in November. Autumn can't be better this year. Storytelling-time?

(c)photo by Me, fairy-book by Dali-museum, Mallorca, 2010

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 Der Regen fiel unaufhörlich, ja geradezu andauernd,
denn wenn es nicht in Strömen regnete,
herrschte ein Normalregen,
und sobald der aufhörte, setzte Nieselregen ein.

S. 245 "Gottesstreiter" von Andrzej Sapkowski

What does a workaholic do when he's back home from great holidays? Right - he works overtime. The anoganic synthesis labs started a few weeks ago and since it's almost over, I'm up to my eyes in project reports. It's a love-hate relationship [♥]
(we even have poetry among the lines - "Continue to stir the reaction until all of the AgNO3 has reacted to form a fluffy white precipitate." (c) Robert A. Stockland Jr. and others)

Today should be the last day of the practical curses but the plan is a bit out of date now - there was a little accident this morning. So the rooms are closed till... Well, nobody knows when it's possible again to enter the laboratory... and not to pass out the very second. It stinks to high heaven. And this time it wasn't me, who is to blame. (it's enough that I had nearly build a bomb last week. Incidental. I just forgot to retrofit a ventilation before heating up. I'm sorry?)

And it's always great to have some breaks once a while, whether it's an exhilarating distraction or not:

By the way, I'm still jobbing at the inter-cultural centre as the tutor for chemistry. So I have to show the exchange students around - it only takes a week during the semester break but each time after talking to them I'm plagued by an incurable yearning for distant places. I want my Erasmus-year too! But, well, maybe during the master-program?
And it's funny to learn the differences between the countries: Here we only have two tries to pass an examination, afterwards you have an oral with the prof. Then maybe you're allowed to try the very last time. You fail this too and it's over - you never may study chemistry again. Well, at least not in Germany.
In Italy you may try as often as you want, if only you pay. And the UK-student only said, he never failed that much to find out, what happens XD


And to mention some anime-fun too:
Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to welcome the Lord of Hell at my place... and she has the most fascinating eyes I've ever seen @.@" Some silly US-UK-posing follows: (it's so weird not to be the one wearing glasses xD)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We can act IC. Kind of. The Pissed and The Happy One.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And at the evening I also had a cocktail called: "The Pirate" >3
(Brat, why didn't you remind me of teaching you proper 'Poker'? Now you have to visit me once more! ♥ )

And since I promised to report about holidays a while ago, I can mix the dull labs-picspam with candy-striped holiday photos.. And wax lyrical about the sea. And the both lighthouses guarding our bay... dreaming is the only way not to drawn in the sea of the despair, 'cause it's raining and raining and raining all the day long. And the weather forecast promise rain for the whole week. Great.

Laboratory vs. Holidays memories.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

click-click )

And now the colourful Holiday-part for the comparison:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

cklic-click once again for all the colourful dreams please )

Loki on the rocks. Ha ha.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay, it's useless try to force two weeks of exhausting sweet nothing into one single post, so let's call it a day now.

(away for the last dinner - the Hokkaido pumpkin topped with melted cheese~ The autumn won't last long and afterwards it'll be no pumpkin for me, so it's okay eating that late, isn't it?..)

EDIT: A few are corrected but the
embarrassments just doesn't end... beware: most mistakes are sill remain covert ^^"

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Here I am back again in rainy, windy, grey and cold Germany.
The recent vacation already seems like a colourful dream to me. Yesterday there were bright sunlight, warm sea, delicious cocktails ... and at once it's unfriendly autumn all over the place. (usually I'm a big fan of subtle autumn melancholy but it came so unexpected this time. And I already miss 4 hours swimming a day ._.")

A decent pic-spam will follow the days, first I have to unpack bags... and prepare the synthesis papers for the an-organic advanced Labs which starts on Monday. The labs'll take the whole September. (And I already feel like I have forgotten everything I've learned the last year. This emptiness in my head gives me a strange but somehow comforting feeling @.@) Anyway, it's impossible to concentrate when they are playing good old rock in your inner courtyard . "Born to be Wild", "Highway to Hell", "Venus", "Summer of '69". I couldn't have wished for a better concert! 
(one typical moment from the holidays: I told Dad, there were a lot bright-summer-time-music on my MP3 player and he borrowed it for one evening. The first band this wilful apparatus decide to play was Manowar >D Well... bright light heavy metal? >D)

Another topic before I could drift off once again:
I got the written authorisation from the Russian embassy to forfeit the citizenship. If I'm lucky, I'll obtain the German one even before the New Year! :)

PS: Sorry, for the incoherent content - I have to catch up on sleep for two days. Gonna start right now >)

P²S: And lots of love to my parents, Dali and Peter. F. Hamilton for making my holiday such a great time >D


I just couldn't resist to post a few ^^"

Dream vs. Reality Comparison - vol. 1.


is like...

the reality part >D )

Okay, but now I'm really off >D


Aug. 10th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Attention, please: I'm gone for a few weeks now :) my long-awaited seaside-holidays stars tomorrow and I'm going to swim out till I reach the horizon ;D

(also spending time with my parents, books, music, dancing, cocktails, conversation, mountain hike, climbing, sightseeing, dreaming, writing... and I still need to pack. Why do I always pack at the very last moment? I know, I'll forget something. As sure as death and taxes. But well, first I have to catch the train to Hanover, tomorrow morning - the air-plane... )

See you :)

11.08 - 27.08 AWAY

9 %

Jun. 30th, 2010 01:22 pm
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Still 91 % left xD

My Dad just send me an e-mail concerning our next vacation, I hope, we'll agree on Croatia this time *_*" after Madrid I'm way to tired for another cultural trip (it really sounds despicable, I guess ^^" But I'd like to swim 40% of my 2-week holiday this time, thanks. There are still another 60% left and I'm willing to spend it visiting diverse castles & its environs. My cam is rotting without climbing any rocks while photo-shooting xD Which reminds me, I still didn't post any pics from Spain, did I? Aghz. )

Well, I'm just spending the lunch break dreaming, as always. But today it's a bit chilly outside and I'm thirst for action. I'd love nothing better now than doing something stupid and get out of this town. To go somewhere. Anywhere. 
Nagh, just dreaming in the warm glow?

You have to zoom the map - especially the Europa part - to see more details. And in the USA it was only Florida - I'm feeling a bit like cheating seeing the whole country marked o.O" 


And a few last photos. Once again.
I was 10 or 12 years old and it was the first time I was in a foreign land and a the first time I've seen "a cosplayer" too - it was a bit like a dream. And that for I'm so in love with photos - it's an archaeological evidence it was really life and not just dreaming.

Warning: The pictures aren't pretty nor they are high quality shots but I'm looking so capital excited here as only a child can be. So hell, why not? And the cosplay-girls were pretty there >D

even more pictures )

P²S: I should stop acting so nostalgic over dumb old memories, but the weather is to blame. Sure.

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Während meiner Madrid-Reise bin ich nicht nur durch die kalten Säle der Ritterschlösser und triste Kerker der Monasterien gewandert, sondern habe mir auch den einen oder anderen Schluck der stickigen Museenluft gegönnt. Zwar hilft es nicht gegen Erkältungen, aber sorgt doch für ein warmes, wolliges Gefühl, das einem in der Nacht herrliche Alpträume beschert.

Vor einiger Zeit war meiner Mutter absolut Napoléon-Epoche geflasht. Doch ihre never-ending love bleibt trotzdem Francisco de Goya (dessen skurrile Biographie mir persönlich mehr zusagt als das pathetische Schicksal Napoléons XD). Als Hintergrundinfo sei nur gesagt, dass der gute Maler nicht nur psychologisch treffliche Porträts des königlichen Hofes angefertigt, sondern in seiner Freizeit auch ein paar ketzerische Bildnisse geschafft hatte, die ihm sehr-sehr ernste Schwierigkeiten mit der berüchtigten spanischen Inquisition eingebracht hatten. Alleine die Gunst der Königen (die und nicht ihr Mann wirklich die Hose anhatte...) haben ihn vom Feuer gerettet. Doch statt vorsichtiger zu wirken, werden seine Werke mit der Zeit immer düsterer und zynischer (.. könnte aber auch an seiner Syphilis liegen - es ist ja nicht so, dass die damit verbundene Gehirnaffektion was ganz neues in der Künstelrwelt wäre <.<"). Doch was auch immer ihn inspiriert hatte, der Saal mit 'pinturas negras' ist einer meiner Lieblinge in Prada gewesen. Vor allem das:


Es gab 3 Parzen. Eben so 3 Moiren. Und 3 Nornen. 3 ist überhaupt eine beliebte Zahl in der Mythologie, vom finsteren Heidentum bis zum leuchtenden Christentum alle mögen die 3. Bei Goya sind es 4 - die eine, die er frei dazu erdichtet hat, ist die, die lacht. Der prüde Audio-guide hatte sie politisch-korrekt als "die, die das Leben belächelt" bezeichnet. Sieht einer von euch in diesem hässlichen, höhnischen Grinsen ein liebenswertes Lächeln? Also ich nicht.

Wozu das ganze nun? Ich könnte auch von einem anderen Lieblingsbild erzählen; einem, das interessanter und fröhlicher wäre. Und hübscher, vergessen wir die Ästhetik nicht. Und berühmter, wer mag's schon nicht, mit seiner Bildung zu glänzen?

Warum das Bild also?

Ganz einfach. Ich würde auch gerne lachen. Syphilis hin oder her, aber es ist eine durchaus gesunde Einstellung - über das Leben zu lachen

Weil alles wieder auf dem Kopf steht. Aber ich mag's trotzdem. Sowohl Goyas Wahnsinn als auch mein Leben.
Auf das Lachen, auf die bösartige Ironie und das Universum! >3


PS: Das Museum der Reine Sophia war dagegen etwas zu modern für meinen Geschmack, doch wo wir gerade von absurden Gruselgeschichten sprechen, wollte ich auch kurz Dalí erwähnen, er wäre sonst sicher unglücklich, hätten wir ihn in dieser Kategorie vergessen~ http://library.flawlesslogic.com/enigma_l.htm

P²S: Das Leben ist wirklich zum lachen, ich bin endlich darauf gekommen, woran mich der Titel des Bildes von Goya erinnert. An Atropin xDD de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atropin Die Toxi-vorlesung lässt wieder grüßen. Soll das ein Wink der Schicksalsgöttin sein? Hallo, du hübsche Frau Ich sollte wirklich besser für die "Biomolekülare Chemie" im April lernen. Und ich meine wirklich lernen und nicht nur davon schreiben, dass ich es vielleicht mal tun sollte. So lernen wie lernen..... verdammt, ich sollte irgendwas gegen die Faulheit erfinden. (Lobotomie oder Hirntransplantation klingen auch beide sehr verlockend)

P³S: Mal weg von all der platten Pseudo-Philosphie - ich bin momentan bei meinen Eltern (sie weigern sich mich nachhause zu schicken, ehe ich ein bissel gesünder werde.. kann sich nur um Jahre handel XD). Also bei ihnen am Rechner wirkt mein LJ-Layout sehr... verzerrt o.O" Übers ganze Bildschirm und nicht so schlank und schön, wie es immer vom meinem Laptop aus ausgesehen hat.
Sieht es bei auch so breit aus? Also die Spalte, in der meine Einträge erscheinen? o_O" Wenn ja, schreit bitte, ich muss es irgendwie korrigieren. Irgendwie o__o"

Museum der Reine Sophia, Madrid, Frühling (haha....) 2010, die unschuldigen Museenbesuchern von mir überrascht >3
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Da bin ich wieder, ob ihr mich vermisst habt oder nicht xD (eher nicht, aber damit kann ich leben >3)

Madrid war kalt, grau, regnerisch und laut. Mein Spanisch war eingerostet, lahm und bei weitem unzureichend.

Aber Alcazár, Ritterwaffen, Artilleriemuseum, Alchimistenlabor, Monasterium, Schlösser ... sowie Bilder von Dali, Goya, Monet... und die absolut leckere Paella dreimal am Tag haben mich doch ein wenig für die Reisestrapazen entschädigt

Allerdings bin ich immer noch nur bedingt ansprechbar da krank (der Boden in den Kathedralen, Synagogen und Ritterschlössern in Toledo war aus Stein, die Wände ebenfalls... aus verdammt altem, kaltem Stein muss ich anmerken - und geheizt wurde dort nicht.. und in den Kerkern, wo die Gräber der Kinder der königlichen Familien stapeln, ebenfalls nicht...) - ich schätze, wenn ich zu der damaligen Zeit geboren worden wäre, wäre ich ebenso ruhmlos an einer Lungenentzündung eingegangen... Gelobt seien Acetylsalicylsäure und Nasenspray.

Die neuen Eindrücke
ersticken und drängen sich gegenseitig halbtot; Erinnerungen an gesehene Gemälde und Monumente suchen mich gleich einem hartnäckigen Schluckauf heim und weigern sich hartnäckig zu ordnen. Kann aber auch am hohen Fieber liegen, wer weiß.

Die Menschen in Deutschland erscheinen leise, traurig im Gesicht wie von der Beerdigung der Lieblingsoma unterwegs, in ausgewaschenen Kleidern und unfreundlich. Keine Männer bieten mir ihre Hilfe als Reiseführer an, um mir eine unglaubliche Ansicht zu zeigen, die ich sonst bedauerlicherweise versäumen würde. Keine selbstbewusste, stilvolle Frauen in Röcken und Fellmäntel erfreuen das Auge und lassen mich über Rotlicht laufen, um sie nicht aus den Augen zu verlieren.

... und trotzdem bin ich verdammt froh, wieder zuhause zu sein. Nach so einer Reise brauche ich wieder einen Urlaub x__x" Alles dreht sich.

Allerdings war's das wohl für das nächste Jahr mit Reisen - im Sommersemester werde ich keine Zeit mehr zum 'nebenebei-Unterrichten' mehr haben x_x" Damn? Yeah, damn.

Wieder ruhig atmen lernen....

Die Fotos kommen hoffentlich nach und nach. Erstmal bin zu müde für gescheites Handeln.


(c) Museum Sorollo, der Arbeitstisch des Malers, schief geschossen von mir, durch draufklicken vergrößerbar  >3


PS: Wusstet ihr, dass heute noch ein paar Minuten lang der internationaler Frauentag ist?

Frauen werden bei gleicher Eignung, Befähigung und fachlicher Leistung nach Maßgabe des Bundesgleichstellungsgesetzes bevorzugt berücksichtigt.

Schwerbehinderte Menschen werden bei gleicher fachlicher Eignung bevorzugt eingestellt. Es wird nur ein Mindestmaß an körperlicher Eignung verlangt.

Das klingt nach wahrer Gleichberechtigung >3


Feb. 26th, 2010 11:01 pm
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Away till 08.03. ► Madrid

→ Wishing you well, my dear fellers >3


click for the full view (c) photo by myself, Teneriffa, summer 2009
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Ein rein privater Eintrag - ohne irgendeinen Wert für die Allgemeinheit XD

brabbling )

Peace >3

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Ich gelobe feierlich, mich nie mehr über das deutsche Wetter zu beschweren, falls es mir mal wieder viel zu trübselig und kalt erscheint. Denn heute war es sonnig und warm und der kühle angenehme Wind perfektionierte das Gesamtbild zu einem Traumtag. Und natürlich bin ich in der Mittagsessenpause zum lernen nach draußen gegangen, welchen Sinn hätte es denn auch gehabt, in der Mensa zu bleiben, wenn es in Schatten des kleinen Wäldchens nebenan so viel schöner ist? Und natürlich waren alle Lernunterlagen fein säuberlich sortiert auch mitgekommen und genau in so einem ordentlichen Stapel verharrten sie auch die gesamte zweistündigen Mittagspause. Da war dieses eine Buch, das ich vorher  nur noch ganz kurz zu Ende lesen wollte... (übrigens, wäre ich ein ehrenhafter Gentleman müsste ich das Buch jetzt heiraten kaufen, ich habe über eine halbe Seite zufällig Kaffee verschüttet und es befleckt .__."") Dann musste man über den Inhalt nachsinnen - ein Nachsinnen, welches so tief ging, das ich auf das Unbewusste Denken umschalten musste.... Na und, dass ich eingeschlafen bin, das ist gesund! >_<"
Allerdings musste in der folgenden Nachmittagssemenarstunde ganz viel improvisieren werden. Damn.
Da haben wir es, schönes Wetter ist schuld daran, dass ich mich irgendwie so entspannt und glücklich fühle, wie selten jemals... oder vielleicht sollte ich einfach mehr schlafen - wie immer XD

Daher werde ich die Unmengen an Fotos erst am WE sortieren. Und mich auf die Klausur vorbereiten. Und aufräumen. Und zum Bücherverkauf in der Stadtsbücherei fahren. Und vielleicht mal mit Cosplay anfangen.Und unbedingt die Sommerchallenges schreiben. Und eine Zeitmachine erfinden um das alles zu schaffen.

PS: Was sagt es über unser Zeitalter aus, wenn ein Kerl, der zwei Plätze weiter vor mir sitzt, mir eine E-Mail schickt um zu fragen, ob ich mit ihm ins Kino möchte? Und anschließend gibt's virtuellen Cafe und Cybersex (definitiv nicht mit ihm, ich bin eine Größefetechististen, Mädchen dürfen kleiner sein als ich, Kerle nicht :D)  Irgendwie finde ich es trotz meiner Liebe zu bloggen und virtueller Kommunikation ein wenig irritierend <.<"

P²S: Der eigentliche Sinn dieses sinnfreien Eintrages besteht darin, in mir ein kaum bis gar nicht vorhandenes Gewissen wach zu rütteln, damit ich endlich die dringend-to-do Liste abarbeite. Argz, ich will zurück in Urlaub <.<"

P³S: Heute im Sportzentrum zufällig unserem Karatesensei über den Weg gelaufen - der neue Kurs fängt erst Mitte Oktober mit offiziellem Vorlesungsbeginn an. Bu, und ich hatte mich schon gefreut, aufkommende Agressionen friedlich ablassen zu können  =/

Und trotzdem ein paar neue Bilder ^^"

picspam XS )


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15 verrückte Tage auf Teneriffa, voller leuchtender Farben und bleibender Eindrücke sind nun leider um, und der deutsche Herbst, der mich gestern Nacht am Flughafen mit knapp 12 Grad °C begrüßt hatte, wirkt umso liebloser und trister. Ich werde wohl noch einige Tage brauchen um mich an die gemäßigten Farben und Temperaturen zu gewöhnen. Und den abenteuerlichen Tagesablauf der letzten zwei Wochen zu vergessen, stattdessen heißt es ab Montag wieder Uni und regelmäßiger Unterricht bis 17 Uhr täglich, Hausaufgaben und Klausuren. Vielleicht ist es gar nicht mal so schlecht, mein überhitztes Gehirn könnte ein paar ruhige Tage gebrauchen um die neuen Eindrücke zu verarbeiten ~

Man bedenke: Ich bin heute mitten in der Nacht angekommen und habe dann bis 5 Uhr Morgens am Flughafen gewartet, bis die erste S-Bahn nach Hannover fuhr. Nur um dann in ein paar Stunden wieder in einen Zug steigen, diesmal ging's nach Göttingen, wo auch erst mal alle Sachen ausgepackt/gewaschen/saubergemacht werden wollten. Und Schlaf muss ich auch irgendwann noch heute nachholen, wenn heute nicht in der Vorlesung einschlafen will ('"Tut mir leid, Herr Meyer, aber ich war so müde vom Urlaub, dass ich kurz eingenickt bin...nein, es liegt definitiv nicht an Ihrer Vorlesung!" <.<“ Damn, ich mag den Prof nicht.....) Daher kann ich jetzt bestimmt nicht gleich all die anstehenden Mails/ENS'/sonstigen Kram erledigen – im müsste schon längst im Bett sein, der Alarm Clock nevt mich schon zum dritten Mal heute Abend und ermahnt endlich vernünftig zu werden.

Doch im Laufe der Woche will ich versuchen zumindest bruchstückhafte all die Erlebnisse zu systematisieren und vorzustellen. Da ich kein großer Fan von sachlichem Aufzählen bin (zwar ist es nicht immer für den Leser langweilig, doch für mich in der Regel schon und warum sollte ich dann meine Zeit mit stumpfem Rekapitulieren der vergangenen Ereignisse verschwenden?), werden die meisten Punkte wohl eher in meine geliebten kurzen Drabblsspielerein einfließen statt in nüchternen Berichten aufzutauchen. Aber um auch ein paar Fakten zu nennen:

Ich bin auf einem Vulkan gewesen, auf der Höhe von 3,718 m fast vom Winde von der steilen Wand gerissen worden, in den weiten Steppen in stiller aber hartnäckiger Begleitung kleiner Eidechsen gewandert, auf einem Albino-Kamel geritten, mit einem U-Boot abgetaucht, sowie die leckersten Muschel meines Lebens gegessen und den tollsten Cocktail Tenerifas getrunken habe xD 
Kurzum der Urlaub war mehr als gelungen (natürlich gab es auch ein paar Schattenseiten, die ebenfalls sehr heftig ausgefallen sind. Aber die werden hier nicht erwähnt, keine Sorge, ich lebe ja bekanntlich nach dem Motto: "If You Cannot Get Rid Of The Family Skeleton, You May As Well Make It Dance – George Bernard Shaw“ Also betrachten wir das agnze von der positiven Seite- den Urlaub werde ich bestimmt nicht vergessen xD“

Leider bin ich nun außerdem haushoch bei meinem Eltern verschuldet, aber da ich ab diesem Wintersemster bei der Uni arbeite werde ich wohl bald alles begleichen können >.<“ Die Postkarten an all meine lieben Verrückten gibt’s trotzdem – rückt mit den Adressen raus, wenn ihr eine wollt oder wartet bis Connichi :D Irgendwie habe ich euch trotzdem vermisst, auch wenn ich keine Zeit hatte, merke ich es gerade jetzt, wo ich wieder in erneuter Umgebung bin. Ich freue mich schon darauf bald mein geliebtes Team wieder zu sehen ♥ Und Bubblegumlove~ Und The Queen. Und Xawi~

Nun, ehe ich zwei schlaflose Nächten voller Flugzeuge, Züge und Busse im kuscheligen Kissen ersticken werde, kommen ein paar sehr kurze, sehr unbearbeitete und sehr amateurhafte Ausblicke in die Traumwelt von vor zwei Wochen~ Mehr, besser und größer kommen die Bilder dann nach und nach in den nächsten Wochen ^_^

teaser~ )

So dann, die restlichen Bilder (und es sind echt viele x_x") sowei weitere sinnlose Kommentare meinerseits kommen irgendwann die Woche - stay turned! xD



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