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 "... and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." (c) "Meditation XVII" by John Donne. Later quoted up to famous by E. Hemingway novel.

Actually, I can't stand Hemingway, the same goes for Camus, I'm perfectly aware those are great authors, but I just don't like them.
The quote just hits the nail on the head, though.

Usually it's not my style to participate in donations or help_XYZ auctions. After all, something is always going down and one can't feel sorry for the world all the time. 
But, as naive as it may sound, I owe the Japanese culture a bunch of good friends of mine. And it's only fair to pay your debts back.
Also, I'm an egoist and when it comes to nuclear danger everyone is evolved.

So, as my 120_min collegians have already posted (you are great guys!) here you can find my writings - words. (sorry, German only =/)
And here you may bid for some photography stuff - photos. (I'm not very good in photography, sure, but it's about the good will, right?)

P.S.: While speaking about danger... The situation surely is horrifying but doesn't require everybody starting panic about the nuclear overkill right  NOW. Especially some politics here in Germany (WTF?) are overreacting.  A bit.

P.P.S.: You know you should go to sleep, when you are taking the trash out and when already staying by the trash can suddenly notice you are still holding the shoehorn in the hand.. fail >3

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Some people accuse me of being a very cold and an insensible person. That's not true! I can get quite emotional. For example - I'm thrilled by the Russell-Paradox >3

Russell starts his reasoning with teaspoons. The collection of teaspoons clearly doesn't include itself as an element (you have to be a teaspoon to belong to this highly specified set of elements) But what about the complementary collection with elements defined as "not a teaspoon"? Since the set of not-a-teaspoon items is not a teaspoon, this set does contain itself as it's member.

Now, the next step: Let' us create the set S of all the sets that are not members of themselves. Will it contain itself?
Obviously, it can't. It would be against the rules, the definition is not to be a member of the set.
But when it's not a member of the set, it falls in the category of sets that doesn't contain themselves as an element and therefore it is the member of the set S.
You see - whether it is a member or not, we can't avoid the contradiction. The paradox.

Love those things <3

But, well, to prevent further accusations, I should post something really romantic and sweet right now  :3 Just as the [P.S.] to my former sms:
here comes the sun~


University: Just one exam left! The problem is: I have almost 2 weeks to prepare which means... sure as hell, I'll get distracted and fuck it up. Focus, my dear! Concentrate! 

Job: A few hours ago I signed my employment contract, I was talking about in the previous entries. Since it's only a part-time job, it's bringing me just ~125 €/month (=174 US$) but the paper work I had to fill today assumed I was signing for some secret government position o_O" article, paragraph, clause - the poor secretary had to read it out loud. So, now I've confirmed by the oath that I won't give away any state or private secrets. Now, I'm really curios what's coming up to me XD

Culture:  I spend the whole weekend at my parent's, so we finally visited Hameln! The town where the Pied Piper of Hamelin walked abroad >3 The puppet theatre show was pure magic, I truly regretted, I left my camera home =/

Cinema: "Unknown Identity" - I'm tempted to say, that the best thing was the company the locations where the picture was filmed - in Berlin ♥ But I have to admit, the true Identity of the protagonist was fun to discover >3 (scores: 8/10)

Books: I found an old SciFi-novel written by Belyayev! *_*;; Just as cool as Jules Verne's stories! As a child I was heavenly in love with his books - dreaming about travelling, discovering new islands and creatures, and experiencing all the cool adventures :3

Or, and, of cause the fandom-meme, sponsored by my dear f-list >3

fandom love-life XD )

[@Japan. Not praying but thinking about, feeling with and hoping the best.]

PS.: I'm really quite sleepy right now, so I'll beta read this post tomorrow, not now @.@
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The uni is feeding my brains to all the lectures, so there is not that much left for socializing... but it's an almost pleasant feeling - one get used to it after a week or two. Also, my Bachelor thesis will probably go a month longer now - the research group demands on an extra time for teaching me a proper lab tasks. But that's fine. And so the next week will be ... full of HOMO-Orbitals, heteroatoms and microcanonical states. (doesn't it sound a bit nasty? Also, when speaking of canon I can't help but thinking of Weiß Kreuz. In Russian WK-fandom the Great and Mighty Canon is feared and respected as nowhere else >D)

I still can be pretty dumb at times. Last week I tried to cure the upcoming flu with sport. Well... as you can guess, now I'm really down with heavy influenza =/ I hate it being ill, but who doesn't? -.-" The whole week my brain felt like some pulp and my trough like burning hell, but it's getting better. It's merely a matter of time now.

At least, my sport-rhythms seemed to normalized in the past few weeks, and I'm glad, I could kick my own ass and moved it into a fitness centre again. I have always those winter-time pauses, when I get really lazy and don't have any motivation for nothing... First time after the winter-sleep I almost faded out. Trying to jump around before the breakfast was a big mistake. I can't start a day without a good cup of black coffee, green tea and a rich half-an-hour breakfast with honey, milk, turkey strips on the crispbread, a few apples on an orange, one of those sweet kaki persimmons or maybe an omelette with cheese...   Oh well, it wasn't suppose to be an entry just about food, but isn't it a good sign? One suppose to get his appetite back when recovering~

Back to boasting of the winter-is-over-feelings: I hope, I will have my strength back soon and can spend at least two days a week in the sport centre, so that my head will be full of new ideas again. The last weeks already brought me some fine gags :3

Ever since I've got problems with my eyes, I've discovered the wonder of audio books for me. And I still love them from the bottom of my cold-cold heart. Now I'm entering the new level of it - hearing the audiofics >D unfortunately, there are barely WK or saiyuki fics but a lot of interesting texts about Sherlock BBC (I confess, I can't wait till the next 3 episodes are on air) While hearing to this one (The Whore of Babylon was a perfectly nice girl) "Most scholars believe the whore of Babylon was a coded reference to Rome, a bustling, metropolitan city of the time. If you compared me to London, I'd take it as a compliment. This is the same thing." (c) I grinned so wide and maniac that the other sportsmen must have thought I was on drugs >D
As the title implies it's not an internally work-safe piece of art but I approved it not for sake of sex (which wasn't explicit) but for the fine humour and oh-so-authentic characters.
If you are interested, there are several other stories, I found great:

The Dealt Hand (and the Code: The 10 Gunmen) starts right after the cliffhanger in the film and offers an interesting possibility of how it could have gone on >3 PG, worksafe, adventure.

It's not the violin - with a lot of funny series-like hints, a refreshing fistfight (which to my great joy Watson wins :3 He's an ex-soldier after all and Sherlock is only a city boy~) and some Lady Gaga covers on the violin. PG. (from the same author as the first one, yet worksafe)

For someone who prefers a higher rating I can recommend this one: Getting the Message all the fans of evil concerned-big-brother!Mycroft and everybody  who has a soft point for fail!sex will definitely enjoy it >3
(It's obvious, I adore fayjay as the reader? Especially in this one you can hear her terrific skills. I didn't like the Sherlock from the fanfiction that much, but the way she revives his craziness just gave me shivers~ amazing job! An Act of Charity)

Oh and a vid-rec, I can't keep it for myself: 
Sherlock (BBC) & the Great Mouse Detective (BBC & Disney animation crossover >D)

While the BBC show reminds me of a really good AU fanfiction based on A. C. Doyle, the crap that Warner Brothers has released in 2009 was a bad OOC fanfiction. Sure, a funny one, but still utterly OOC. And there's a big gab between the two extreme cases.

And, yes, I love AU's to my favourite fandoms or books :3

Since my Dad was the first person to deal with my vivid enthusiasm about Sherlock BBC (I had to skype with my parents to assure them I will over-live the flu) I quoted to him all the funny moments from the tree episodes and than started to retell the best scenes from the fics. I just hope, he won't search the LJ for it - I had censured them a bit and it could end really awkward for the both sides ^^" (also, my Dad is mostly reading the economic, politics or SF-blogs, never the fan-stuff related ones). My Mum is still sceptical trough - she's the only one in our family, who really solves the crimes. My Dad & I are the scientists, the artists, the creators of amazing yet impracticably ideas and theories, but she's the one who really knows how people tick. Embarrassing but true.    
And as someone said, "Sherlock doesn't have cases, he has adventures."

If there will be a few free evenings the next week, I'm sure will contribute a Weiß Kreuz/Sherlock BBC fanfiction too ;-) wouldn't it be thrilling for Sherlock to find the murderer of a crime, which he only got prognosticated from his client? Oh, and I'm looking forward to Crawford's & Sherlock's business meeting *tehe* Also wouldn't Mycroft be a better Takatori? And what if Sherlock is not just a brilliant detective but a bit of a Psi himself? And... dammit, why aren't there any WK/Sherlock crossover already? The both universes merge just perfect!  

On the other hand, it's not very likely, that I'll get that much time for writing, not only there are my jealousy and possessive universtiy-wife, but there is also "Tartuffe" playing in the theatre this month! ♥

Oh, and last week I tried out playing saxophone~ It was a great experience but unfortunately I really can't effort paying about 100 € a month right now. Nor will I in the next 2-3 years. Well, what else are dreams for?

Which, by the way, finally leads me to the meme I've caught up a few weeks ago (I'm a very fast one, I know) but first, I wanted to modify the rules a bit and apply it to the music :3

marry/shag/dumb meme (fandoms: music, APH, WK) )


If anyone wants, I'll give him an opportunity to choose too :-)

But right now, I'm crawling back into my bed, going to hear another chapter of Sherlock adventures from "The Dealt Hand" and will hopefully wake up all fit and fine next morning. The damn flu just have to leave me alone after the whole week snuggling! 
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Back to the routine. Even through my head is still full of fresh impressions, new people, weird thoughts & crazy plans. And I'm already a bit tired of my filled holidays xD

But first things first:

Animagic was less stressful I thought it would be - meeting old & new friends, relaxing down by the Rhine, eating fabulous ice cream (mine was the one with the funny yellow helicopter wings - it was also sponsored by Kuku. I'm officially vow to repay the debt in the currency of choice. Whether ice cream or cocktails or some other delicacy or wishes >3)

"Unfortunately", it felt more like chilling in the circle of friends then like a real Convention to me - so there was quite a meagre gain of photos. I ought to have known better - afterwards it's always maddening when thinking about  missed opportunities *kick myself hard* But I'll hope for a next reunion then? ^.~

There were still a few really nice shoots, thanks to our Photograph and my dear past-time Schuldig XD - [livejournal.com profile] aoinagaru_kuran and shy but malicious [livejournal.com profile] kurukii as future-time Schuldig >3

-> high resolution on DeviantART.

A few more small resolution photos for LJ:

bang-bang )

And, well, just a normal photo as an answer to the meme, which by the way is still active >3

More train & private photos will follow the days - I just want to keep the both entries separate.. and need a bit time to make me a few cups of tea. And crispbread with honey. And phone with my Dad about our journey. And read tons of books I brought home last week (Sapowski, Lukjanenko,  Virginia Wood and Remark: reading was my first love and it will be my last ♥) And cure my cold. And when  it's gone, dancing in the rain one more time. And... damn, I love having holidays *__*"

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...  I passed all the exams! Or at least I hope so - the results aren't published yet. But I'm quite positive about it :) 

Well, tomorrow I'll be in Bonn, reminding myself of the good old cosplay days; unfortunately, I won't stay for Saturday as planed - so much for planing your life without bribing the Fates first.
Bun since I'll be in Hanover later, visiting my parents at the weekend, I can finally ask them out for "Shrek 4". My little revenge. Mum can be very persuasive and so I had to invite them out, if I want my B-Day present. Otherwise she would keep it. And no, I have really no idea, what it could be o.O"

For the beginning of next week I'll  have a visitor (frosty Icicle - mein Eiszapfelchen~) and afterwards I can slow down at last, trying to comprehend the meaning of 'holidays'. I promise to work hard on understanding xD

Oh, well, I should be packing my bags now, so the usual photo-spam will be at minimum for today xD But since I'm such an photo-exhibitionist - a meme, which I had impudently stolen from [livejournal.com profile] nyx :

"Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything: from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. Ask as for as many as you want. That way you get to know a little bit about my life, if you're remotely interested in it."

But consider that the results may take a long time ^^" ( I'm just modelling myself on our academics, they correct our exams at their leisure too! >.<")

PS: Animagic - if you want to meet me at Friday, feel free to ask for the phone-number, I'll be there from 13 p.m. till the last train home to my Schuldig.

Oh, and a little teaser for Animagic, made by the awesome Devil-Schu:

Right, I'll cosplay B.Crawford this time. Surprise, surprise! XD But after cosplaying him for three years now, there can be just some random own creation now. Which one I'll choose this time, depends on weather >3

click for the little Mafia- Mr.Crawford-cosplay teasing  )

Plus, I'm leaving early in this morning. So, packing now. Really.

Off till Wednesday, afterwards I'll answer all the PN's and write all the drabbles. And fly to the moon.

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Next week I'll break free! >3
Well, still have to write an exam each Monday (the reason why every weekend I'm studying and don't really realize it's free), still have to learn a lot, still have to work on my lab reports, still.... ok, I already got the message - the freedom is beyond my reach. But at least I won't hang around these pest-holes of labs until my bones are rotten, and then I'll die. So I can enjoy the spring (= raining. And it's about 10-12 °C here. And did I mentioned it's raining all the day?).

I guess, I'm too tired for a long entry, sorry, dear F-List. Would you like a little dumb pic-spam instead?


A few of the compounds I created>3

Iodine really curls in the flask in this pretty violet gas cloudlet, no photoshop added~
(Through I failed as photograph - whenever it was getting really interesting I had to take care of the gadget. It's dangerous to leave some reactions to itself for too long >3)

take a look? )

And a little book-meme in German (thx, Umi >D)
(Oh and no, I won't bother you with my English any longer, it was just a little experiment.. to proof I still don't feel comfortable with this language :( It makes me feel like I'm not capable of any complex thought - just because I can't express it proper way in English... But may by I'll practice it every now and then ^.~)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).
6. Tag five people.

book-meme >3 )

Die fünf nächsten Opfer:

[livejournal.com profile] aoinagaru_kuran - Wenn du Zeit & Lust auf etwas Ablenkung findest~ An der Stelle noch eine XXXL -Packung von irish awesomeness und geräucherter Liebe >.<"
 [livejournal.com profile] cookie_shinn - darf gerne auch auf Spanisch sein >3
[livejournal.com profile] kurukii  - ich bin wirklich neugierig welche Bücher man mit sich auf so lange Reisen einpackt >3 Aber hier dann doch bitte nichts japanisches, der Sprache bin ich absolut nicht mächtig (vom niveaulosen Animejargon mal abgesehen <.<")... es sei denn du übersetzt es ;)
[livejournal.com profile] nikaidou_akira  - Du hast einen sehr interessanten und oft überraschenden Geschmack, so lange es keine Elfen sind, will ich wissen, was es diesmal ist  *__*"
[livejournal.com profile] xjukasamax  - war da letztens nicht irgendwas mit Misosuppe? Oder war ging's um Sushi? >D

Nun denn, meine Zeit ist um, zurück ans Lernen. x_X"

PS: I should really look through my old photo-file more often - there are some shoots deserving an entry and instead I only post some random pics of Myself and the coffee automates at the university (the last one was made as a simple token of gratitude - the automate saved me more that once from falling asleep during some of the lectures... - can be found in the lab-folder). I should concentrate more on the World around me and not on the chaos inside Me. Another one good resolution. Just the same as the thousand and one before it.

PPS: Ok, NOW  really back at learning <.<"


May. 13th, 2010 12:26 am
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Ah ja, fast vergessen, das wollte ich schon seit Tagen hier posten >3


PS. Und wo wir gerade dabei sind, sinnlose Links in die Welt zu setzten....


Ja, ich weiß, ich bin mainstream. Aber wenn ich mich schon jahrelang nicht melde und mein twitter still vor sich hin rostet, so will ich zumindest eine andere virtuelle Pinnwand haben.
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.... just 'cause I don't want such a grumpy post to top my LJ - here some love xD

Desktop-meme from [livejournal.com profile] ssjumi  >D

Here's mine - 

The picture I use as the BG is an old photo of mine (here you can see the high resolution version dA-link )

It shows the kind of games I'm into: cards, chess, ma jongg and the dice at the right corner stays for all the gambling >D I love playing (but I suck at loosing - I have to win to feel good. I know: It's taking part that counts... still, I'm a sore loser ... because I'm actually quite good at gambling -  I'm lucky with cards & dices, so may be I'm just a bit spoiled by success?  Too sad, my luck only lasts for gambling <.<" )
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Beinahe hätte ich es versäumt euch vor dem Schlafengehen mit einer sehr, sehr ansteckenden Flashanimationen zu konfrontieren. Derjenige, der als erster aufhören kann, hat gewonnen >3

Und was man noch damit alles zaubern kann:

surreal worlds~ )

The flash animation comes from here: http://lab.andre-michelle.com/swf/f9/colortraces/Main.swf


Oct. 21st, 2009 10:20 pm
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The Rules:

* Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!".
* I will then give you five words that remind me of you.
* Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

My Words from Wana :3

Durfte ich früher nicht. Wegen Magen und all der Säure und irgendwie sonstigem Zeug, das ich als Kind nicht verstanden habe. Eigentlich darf ich es auch jetzt nicht damit übertreiben, aber wenn es rosa und nach dem Lieschen duftet >3...... wobei ich morgens manchmal schon darauf zurückgreife, wenn ich keine Zeit zum Zähneputzen habe - ich bin eitel, ich will meine Kommilitonen nicht anstinken >3

... zwei Menschen, die sich beide dummerweise zu viele Sorgen machen, statt einfach zu fragen? xD Bei der nächst besten Gelegenheit auf jeden Fall! *g* (und auch mal Telefonphoro im gleichen Bett? xD)

Ein ewiger Kampf zwischen Stolz und Verstand. Stolz ist ja eigentlich was schönes, ein positiver Charakterzug, mit dem sich jeder schmücken will. Nicht mit Arroganz zu verwechseln, die wurzelt in Verachtung anderen gegenüber. Viele verwechseln es auch mit Unhöflichkeit, ich aber viel zu oft mit Egoismus.

Hat wahrscheinlich einen therapeutischen Wert. Oder ist eine Sucht. Passt am besten zum Tee abends und zu einer langweiligen Vorlesung morgens. Sollte eigentlich langsam und durchdacht entstehen, aber manchmal komme ich mir wie ein Verhungerter vor, der einen gedeckten Tisch vor sich sieht und alles in sich hineinstopft, bis ihm schlecht wird. So ging es mir früher manchmal mit RPGs – das hatte natürlich fatale Folgen, irgendwann hatte ich selbst keine Lust mehr auf meine Aufsätze, die ich als Posts verkaufen wollte. Dann gab es Fanfiktion. Ein wundersamer Spielplatz, doch irgendwann wollte ich eigenständige Geschichten schreiben. Ob das nun gut geklappt hat, kann ich wohl nicht objektiv beurteilen, aber ich will es später auch mit Journalismus versuchen – und dort hat man ja auch schon den ganzen Kanon vorgegeben.

Man merkt es alleine an der Länge dieser Antwort, wie sehr ich Wörter mag und bereit bin, sie in der Welt zu mehren. Wenn es so weiter geht, werden es wohl meine einzige Nachkommen bleiben, aber immerhin konnte ich sie mir selbst aussuchen, was nicht alle Menschen von ihren Kinder behaupten können. Außerdem liebe ich sie, auch wenn ich mir manchmal wünsche, sie zurück in die Hirnneuronen zu stopfen, zurück unter die Haut, zurück zu mir. Auch wenn ich sie gerne verschenke. Und ausnutze. Und ist Schreiben nicht Macht? Früher wollte ich damit die Welt verändern... nein, wirklich. Und Gedichte hatte ich früher auch geschrieben. Ich weiß nicht mehr, welche der beiden Dummheiten mir jetzt peinlicher ist...


… muss es immer so kompliziert sein? Der einzige Bereich, wo ich total versage und mir absolut nichts zutraue.. Ich liebe meine Eltern und bin dabei fast jedes Mal genervt, wenn sie anrufen. Ich hatte für meine zwei Ex's eine ganze Menge Gefühle empfunden, aber anscheinend waren es jedesmal die Falschen gewesen, denn keins hat mich je davon abgehalten, ihnen systematisch wehzutun. Am Ende war ich erleichtert, als ich mehr oder minder erfolgreich die Beziehungen beendet habe.

Liebe ist mühsam und muss gepflegt werden. Wahrscheinlich bin ich viel zu egoistisch dafür. Oder viel zu misstrauisch, wenn jemand behauptet mich zu lieben. Oder es ist mir noch nicht so ein Wesen über den Weg gelaufen, bei dem ich das gleiche empfinden würde.

Aber wenn ich ehrlich bin, sollte ich darüber um einiges trauriger sein. Denn irgendwer schien Liebe damals als einen festen Bestandteil des Glücks festgelegt zu haben, ohne mich um meine Meinung gefragt zu haben. Beinahe komme ich mir defekt vor, indem ich es wage ohne glücklich zu sein. Oder nimmt meine 'Liebe' nur eine andere Form an? Wenn sich Liebe und Glück ähnlich verhalten, wie Masse und Energie, dann wüsste ich die Lösung – Ich kann jetzt pure Liebe in Form von konventionellen Liebesbeziehungen (=Masse) entbehren, weil mir die Energie (sprich Glück) in anderen Formen dargeboten wird: Eltern, Freunde, Bücher, Kreativität, Studium, Wissen, Musik, Tee,... das alles kann in mir ein Gefühl der Glücksseligkeit ähnlich dem Verliebtsein hervorrufen. Vielleicht ist es nur ein Surrogat für die Liebe. Aber ein verdammt gutes *__*“


So dann, ich bin ins Bett. Morgen ist Molekulare Chemie gegen Kinetik angesagt, da muss ich ausgeschlafen und scharfsinnig sein >3

(PS. Wo wir gerade bei der Liebe sind: I'm deepyl in love with Aldous Huxley *_*“ Warum zählt nur ausgerechnet sein 'brave new world' zu den Klassikern? Jetzt entdecke ich ja ganz neue Seiten an dem guten Mann, die mir weit mehr zusagen.. aww~ unser heiße Affäre wird wohl noch ein Weilchen dauern, denn ich gehe mit ihm gleich ins Bett und weh er hält mich wieder bis 2 Uhr Nacht wach >.<“)


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