Sep. 6th, 2017

lokuro: (ST - true love)
... um, hi?

Let me dust this place a bit before we are all sneezing us to death trying to exhume my old journal. I have to admit, lately tumblr and twitter are both a bit time consuming (and my Ph.D. thesis ... haha... let's not mention this one unless you want to see me burst in tears. Like literal tears of desperation and hate for my supervisor...), so I'm afraid I've been painfully neglecting LJ/dreamwidth. But I want to try and revive the journal in case there are still some rare souls haunting the place?

Also, it might, just might be because of the epic battle starting in a few month.


So, hi, I'l Lokuro, I like Weiß Kreuz (team Schwarz), Saiyuki and Avatar (both the Last Airbender and Korra). Also, I'm always there for you if you want to talk about good ol' SciFi. Star Trek (TOS, DS9) and Babylon 5 are now especially relevant (but I'l am also there for all of your Azimov or Clark, Strugazki or Lem needs. Space is just great, okay? ) Also, Raffles. If you've had enough of Sherlock Holmes than come to us, to the darker side. We have the inverse Holmes bromance but with criminals and more subtext (crossdressing in canon!). I'm also there for Jeeves&Wooster. Always. As of lately, indelicateink tries to stir my old affection for the two shy guys from UNCLE and she succeed quite a bit :'D

Now, you know everything there is to know about the future content of this blog. Proceed with caution. (Nevertheless - I do hope to find some living souls with similar interests on DW? Are you
 they?... Echo, dear, is it you? ...) 


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